from an honest source in 2015

hello. this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,
i wanted to write in blog today, the word on the street,
past our sls casino hotel into our naked city by our stratosphere place, the women walking the street and in our downtown area by fremont,
women who are illegal prositutes in clark county are selling their bodies to our men that are buyers of hookers ar charging only 10 , maybe 15 dollars in 2015 and some of these women think this is good money to take many risks with their bodies to get sick by having unprotected sex, or getting beaten up badly by a bad john who enjoys hitting a woman, or getting arrested and being thrown in jail for solitation, sometimes these women who sell their bodies for 10 dollars have a pimp to get their sex dates and these women who are sellers of sex in las vegas, nv make no money.
i also was told by my honest source that if 5 women left being a hooker , then 10 or more women would show up to be prostitutes in clark county and sad to me all these women wanting to be hookers think 10 to 15dollars a trick is good money.
if that were me today. i would leave the street and do my best to nevada job connect or nevada partners for job skills, i could never compromise myself and give up on life again to be lured to street for sex and money it just too dangerous today
why be a seller of sex in las vegas in 2015 when this is so illegal with 50,000 people being illegal prostitutes in clark county which makes this so competive and mean , is what i feel this is all about and the pimp in today times is using a woman as a hooker for his own selfish profits and what really bothers me today if you want to be an illegal prostitute,
that pimp can con you into sleeping with all his friends for free and telling he will get you work as a seller of sex and just use for free sex and never get you any money as a hooker.
i shared this honest message to help all of you stay off the streets and inspire all of you to have , positive and meaning ful lives and always follow your special dreams in life
thank you for reading my post today.
i say as madam vanessa, iam here to help all of you.
shelley bristol
i wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year.

many special things for me in 1970’s las vegas,nv

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I just wanted to write  today about all the special things to me in las vegas in the years  1971-1973 when I started to attend college at unlv as a psychology major and I lived at our only dorm, Tonopah hall, on our 6th floor, which was a women’s floor then.

I always want to remember my friend buff, our resident assistant at our dorm,  who would get her master’s  in social work at unlv, who I always searched for when I came back to las vegas in 1985,  I guess some thing are not meant to be.

I dated my boyfriend dan lee in 1972 for 10 months and the best way I got rid of him  in  april in 1973 and I say in justice for all with a  marshall , that was visiting our unlv campus security a this time and this nice marshall overheard my story with my trouble with my boyfriend and very sincerely offered to help me.

my time spent with bruce yates and his best friend mike smith who worked for las vegas casting jewelry designers as jewelery designers in 1972 and 1973 inside our coronet building by fremont and fifth, then and it was so special to re-meet my  young friends as grown ups with wives and families in 1985 at our cooler lounge.

Being good friends with Richard Thurmond, the real owner of the

rainbow casino in Henderson and this man knew a lot of people, for in 1972 he lived in las vegas for  20 years by then. I really always enjoyed getting to know this man as a young woman being a hooker and had fun also dating this guy.

having a very honest friendship always withm y- friend that  was an officer of the law  and this friendship lasted 6 months  until I left las vegas in may 0f 1973 and then this nice man helped me again in july of 1973, when I made the decision to leave las vegas, then for good , since there was nothing left for me  in 1973 at 19 years young.

I am grateful to this good and honest man, that I re-meet in 1985, that always help me very much to get settled in our town in lasvegas, in 1985.

I have much more to write  what is very important to me  living in las vegas , nv in the 1970’s.

thank you  for reading my blog today, from madam Vanessa.

shelley bristol

I wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year



in 2015, i wanted to write about this

hello , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, iwanted to write this today.

as an attractive woman who is really62 years young, on well known radio station on the fm one morning this  radio station, talked about senior men and woman catching v.d and first I was shocked to hear this and then at my senior center our  very nice humana for seniors talked about senior also  get v.d

so I am guessing our senior men want  to not have one sexual partner and think they  can never get v.d or give  v.d to a nice woman who wanted  to like and be  a one woman – man as  icall this.

so I guess when I date a senior man in his  sixties ,  in today times , I guess he has to use protection with me or we both  go our center or our health center in clark county to be tested.

because at 62 years young I am not gonna get v.d from an uncaring man, who just wanted to use me for his sexual pleasure.

this makes me feel like there are men out there giving v.d to women who already they are infected.

I wrote this today to express my honest opinion of senior men giving  senior women v.d and not caring one bit .

and I met a woman who experienced this  and had expensive medical bills to get better and was very hurt that an older man was so dishonest about being clean and saying he was not with anyone for more than 4 years.

I want to wish all the people who read my very honest blog , a very happy and healthy new year.

thank you.

madam Vanessa,

shelley bristol



I say as madam vanessa,

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town1970’s,

donot ever sell your self short and give up  on life with your special goals that are  always  important to you.

iwant to share with all of you today donot be lured into the street to be an illegal prostitute in las vegas, nv with all the glamour it looks like to be a seller of sex with all the male tourists who come here for a good time.

you never know what a man will want from you sexually once you collect the money for sexual services

this man could very rough with you sexually, or hit you hard for not liking the sex or hit you to get off sexually and this man could give you a sexual disease if you do not use protection and then the man could not pay for your sex service and rip you off and then where are you.

in today’s time in lasvegas nv, according our Nevada brothel association we have 50,000 illegal prostitutes.

this number is frightening to me and to be an illegal prostitute must be so competitive and dangerous . a pimp who uses women as  prostitute for his own selfish purposes must be cruel today and have no conscious with all people wanting to be prostitutes to survive and have food and money.

how very , very sad, this whole lifestyle of being a hooker, where you take so many dangerous risks, with your life

and is the 15-20 dollars you make as a seller of sex per each client, I guess is the going rate for an illegal prostitute. I would leave the street for this price too.

I say as madam Vanessa, I am here to help all of you get  off the street and out of the prostitution trade. I will continue to share very sincere messages , so you can positive and constructive lives

thank you for reading my blog today.

shelley bristol


i dream i amat las vegas casting jewelry designs is downtown still

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,
our las vegas casting jewelry designs started in 1967 with owner Enrique salano, at the corner of 5th and fremont in our coronet building,
later on my best friend mike smith and bruce yates went to work for mr salzano. las vegas casting is the 2nd jewelry designer is las vegas and lasted till 2005, and mr salzano started our latin chamber of commerce ,which I found on stewart street last year.
the dream I had a long time is I am visiting everyone at las vegas casting in downtown and las vegas casting has move to w,charleston by the 1980’s
and in this dream I just look at a lot of jewelry and walk out the store and walk further downtown , looking at other office spaces and this dream feel so real to me and this what I felt this morning again and realized this was a dream.

on twitter this week I contacted our bally’s casino, to talk about many times my mom and my aunt marlene come on a bus tour from 1993 thru 1998 to stay at bally’s for 3days when our rodeo is also here in December and I wanted to remember this special time with my mom and dining at our good coffee shop at this busy and pretty casino and always shopping at nite downstairs at the cute stores where there was a music box store, magnets , costume jewelry, a sweet shop and so many fun places then
I also remember when I was a cocktail server at our dunes casino, where Bellagio hotel, In 1988 I met a man named dave from texas at the dunes as a cocktail server, one night dave and I dined at our very lovely and excellent dining bally’s steak house, what a nice evening.

I will try to start going to the east now to remember all my special memories of living in las vegas and try to write about them.
in march it my 33th year to remember being in las vegas, for a fresh start in life as a young woman at 31 years young and I must get all the assistance to be downtown and walk thru all my 1970’s and 1980’s memories and maybe make new memories
this is madam Vanessa signing off for today