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Hello this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, today I am posting these historical  pictures of downtown  on twitter which are our orbit inn  coffee shop which was at  Fremont and 8th street , where I dined with my husband paul in 1985-and1986.i was told orbit inn lasted in the 1990’s in las vegas. I also posted a photo our old courthouse on 3rrd and carson, where I married my husband paul in may of 1985. our old  courthouse , I was told  this building  lasted till 2000.

last month on my trip to  downtown las vegas, to celebrate my 30 th anniversary I went to our el cortez  and met with tim, the slots promotion manager and gave him these downtown photos and tim  at the el cortez, gave me dice from the el cortez and a key chain and it was very nice  to chat with tim at  the slots promotion manager at the el cortez. this casino is very pretty.

in this photo is missing our gallery adult theatre and our velvet touch massage parlor.

I would be in this center  in 1972 and  in 1985 I would be back in this back parking lot looking to see if this center was there but I parked too far and I guessed this place was gone in 1985 and this crestwood center was still here but I never saw this place again but I researched this center from  our panorama paper with many ads Xeroxed in my 1970’s scrapbook and I always  shared my copied panorama ads  with all of you. in 2014 I revisited our crestwood center  and I remember  being  in the parking lot in 1972   to have dates with men for money as a 18 year old hooker, then

I also posted   a photo of me in 1998 all dressed going to our old timer’s ball at  the stardust  convention center, this was a very nice  event to go to.this  ball is now at the Orleans in October.


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