our climax bookstore in l las vegas, n in 1972

hello this is madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,

today i share with our  panorama paper in las vegas , nv that existed from 1967-1975 for maybe 8.00 dollars to be delivered to your home for 52 weeks.  our climax bookstore was an adult bookstore  that opened in 1972 and closed maybe 6 months later by the corner of  e. tropicana  and paradise road , rignt next to the place was our cinema arts theatre at 53oo paradise road , our ad in the panorama paper for this theatre in 1972

was illustrated and said  held over for 3rd record  breaking  week , linda lovelace , in deep ,open 24 hours, how  far does a girl have to go to  tingle her throat. quoted as the most controversial adult film today, exculsively at our cinema arts – 5300 paradise road in  our mayfair  market plaza then

i saw this movie there with my boyfriend dan there in 1972 when i was 18 years young and i guess  could be taken for being 21 to get into this thearte.

let’s go to a little history of a data base of the panorama, in our crestwood  center, where i shared with all of you i would hang around  the gallery adul t mini theatre to make sex dates with men with a date arranger there in 1972. this theatre opened in 1970 and when i saw this theatre, this place looked old with burgundy seats and with a grey wall and only men were in this theatre. i would only be around this place in the daytime

in our panorama the grand opening of this  adult theatre was 9-18-70, and in the panorama paper in 2-18-71, this place was called the filthiest in town. there were always coupon ads to go to this theatre for 25 cents off a ticket.

i really hung around this place as young woman making money as prostitute from  may of 1972 thru maybe nov -1972.

my boyfriend dan then in 1972, that i loved dearly, that was my 2nd boyfriend in my young life.

talked in to being a hooker to make good money and i  really feel he lured  me in to prostitution. he introduced to his friend

who was the manager of the talk of the town bookstore then and then ken gave my tel# to the manager of the gallery mini theatre then to get me men to sleep with money. and this date arranger cut was 5.00 and my price to be a seller of sex then was 40.00 in 1972.

one time i was sitting  in the bookstore  and talking to the owner of this crestwood center and he asked if i would like to work  as a massage therapist at our velvet touch place there and i was introduced to some women who worked there that wore very cute black shorts robe with clothes underneath this. everyone seemed very nice to me.

at this time the manager ken  of this adult bookstore made 5.00 an hour and we all knew the  vice and cops were all the over this adult center in 1972 and ken could just get arrested for working there then.

our crestwood center was by e. charleston and i always remember in 1985 i looked so hard for this place when i came back to las vegas in march of 1985 from 12 years in 1973.

and in 1985, i felt like i couldnot talk to anyone about this but beleive within days of coming back to las vegas , iwould figure the two business owners of this place by accident, which made me feel very uncomfortable.

and in 2014 , i went back to this place to see the back parking lot and walk around the front, since i researched this place with ads from the panorama  in 1998 at special colllections libraby at unlv then.

this place to revisit in 2014 was interesting to notice how old things are with different businesses and i would like to visit the inside of these businesses one day.

in 1969 our crestwood center  was a house. as a researcher , i recently found out many  people owned this place .


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