1970’s -gallery adult theatre on . e. charleston

hello this is  madam Vanessa ,las vegas  talk of the town 1970,s

our gallery adult theatre had ads in  our panorama paper from 1970-1973 mostly advertising this place with coupons to pay less for a ticket, at this time in las vegas we had another adult movie theatre our  cinema arts and another theatre downtown.

when I worked out of this theatre with mouth to mouth referrals of men to have sex with money. I saved up enough money to get my first car which was a 1963 very small vw bug. this car was rough to drive, I paid 200.00 for this car and paid the taxes for  license plates. so now I could depend less on my boy friend dan to get around town. I kept this little car for 2months. my boyfriend  decided to sell my old car for 2 lids of grass, that  he could sell for money. that was my boyfriend dan , he wanted to sell grass and get high  and maybe I would by him some nice things and  making money as a whore I paid half the bills with him, since at 18 years young I  got fired my job as snack bar attendant at our ice capades chalet because someone granddaughter wanted my job and I met my boyfriend dan there as he worked as a cook upstairs in the ice capades chalet. how I really met my boyfriend dan that was so good looking to me, dan and the owner’s mom of the ice capades chalet came down the stairs arguing and dan got fired and asked me out that day when I was getting off  my shift.

and I say as madam Vanessa, it would be in 2013, I met the owner of the Nevada roller hockey, which was our ice capades chalet in 1972 and I walked thru the whole place and I saw this pretty old lounge which once a nice restaurant and then a pretty lounge in the 1970’s. I was so happy to see my ice capades chalet after all this time. in 1985 this place was big vacanted bldg. that was a Christian room in our commercial center and I finally saw where   I use to ride my bike on the Karen side of this place that is all closed now./ this was special to see this place again and write about being here now and being photographed inside there. I always want to remember being in commercial center in 1985 to find  our ice capades chalet owned by figure skater Ronnie Robertson and my boss was jerry damshroder.

I have one or two ads from the panorama on this place that I Xeroxed and I gave these copied ads from the panorama to the new owner at Nevada roller hockey , that has been there for 9 years now.

I really like our commercial center and how this center is really trying to revitalize and I am not done going back there to remember special things to me  and photograph being there and photograph state street,  our fancy restaurant  state street closed in 1988, which I just heard commercials on the radio  for this and then I finally met one person who is an antique dealer and waiter now who worked at state street , till this place closed. I also say in commercial center in 1985 we had a cute clothing store  called boris and brick tops,  a sandwich place, maybe our unity club was there upstairs,

we also had  dana McKay business school with books, and a nice white cross drugs, and our old commercial deli would get remodeled and I would work there as a waitress there for a few  days because this place over hired,  and from 1985-1991, i would always be in commercial center trying to figure out what happened to our ice capades chalet and this place would be all lockedup so i stopped visiting commercial center then in 1991


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