legally contracted

hello  this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s. today I wanted to share with all of you that all my written stories of my autobiography of being a hooker in 1972and in 1973 and my 75  shows written in 2013thru – 2015 all are legally copyrighted, since all my stories of my life living in las vegas for o ver 30 years are always special to me.

I wanted to continue to today about talking about our historical adult center our crestview center in 1970 that was by e. Charleston and eastern, where a  pawn store is now.

In 1972 I worked as hooker at this center thru the gallery adult mini theatre with a datearranger and  my pimp would call me to meet men in their car to go to their place for sex and money  and when I finished the  sex  date I would call my boyfriend dan to pick me  up at the parking lot at our crestwood center. this was how I started to be a hooker and no trick was allowed to know where I lived until I got my own apt I October of 1972 at 777 naplesdr by paradise, by our jungle club lounge and restaurant then. I always paid my date arranger his  fee of 5.00 always.As a young hooker I was honest and straightforward  as who I was and  I would be on my own as a young prostitute when my boyfriend dan and had a bad fall out in nov-1972.

I wanted to be alone and on my own as a young woman supporting herself in las vegas,  for 13 months.

one of the real owner of the crestwood center who owned the gallery adult theatre, I found out as a researcher was a gossip columnist in 1971 in our panorama paper and owned a bailbonds place downtown , then

I learned at the gallery adult theatre as a prostitute I could make more money with men by hitting them with a belt for sexual

gratification  and the charge was 50.00 for this sex service and I said no to this, this really scared me and one time some man called me for this sex service and I  said no I cannot  do this and I remember  everyone trying  to talk me into this to make more money as a whore and I said no.

I use to believe in the beginning  of being 18 years old and being a seller of sex that if I would not go along with men’s different sexual desires the pimp at the the theatre to give me dates would stop calling me, so I survived on less calls then.

I learned at this time  men like a nice young and soft whore like myself. and if you were nice to your sex clients these men would be nice to you and call you back. I could never rip off a client with his money, I was too afraid a sex client would hit you and there manystories then of hookers ripping of their pimps , who were asked to leave town then.

I t has never made sense to me all the stories I heard at about men throw hookers into the desert in the 1970’s and then I heard these stories again when I started to write my stories in 1998 and people have asked how did I survive this, because I left town in 1973 and did not come back to las vegas in 1985 with good reference to get settled here as a food waitress and I kept my mouth shut that I had past that was 12 years  ago and  I would not talk to anyone I was a hooker in 1973 and one day I opened my mouth to start researching my past at our unlv special collections libraby with our old r-j’s paper and our panorama paper in 1998 where I wrote  many stories of  my life in las vegas in th e 1970’s and as a biographer there a facts of my life and people I was with that  I cannot find, that  I still search for .

I was at Nevada state  museum researching  with another person there and we could  not  find the photos of places and one person of things that were here in the 1980’s. I will continue to talk about my life with you at our  crestview center  next week,

I would like to share the negatives and positives of being a hooker when I was19 years young in 1972-1973- in las vegas, then.


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