a letter of endorsement

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s . this is a letter of endorsement dated march 18-2015,

from our gay and lesbian center in las vegas,  Nevada  written by the  executive director  Michael  g. dimengo.

the  letter states I am writing this letter of support to speak about the value of effectiveness of madam vanessa writing and work as a radio talk show hostess and in her community service, in madam  Vanessa writing her autobiography she disclosed her extraordinary life and challenges she encountered as a young woman being a prostitute, madam Vanessa addressed the issues of the sex  trade.. sex trafficiking and prostitution. we believe madam Vanessa has a unique and important  message to communicate by doing so she assists the larger  community in becoming educated and aware of the social challenge of the sex industry, in addition  her writing and cancelled radio show by vegas allnet radio assisted sex workers. madam Vanessa writing and radio show enabled sex workers to become self educated and to discover the inner strengths that  they possess to regain their sense of self worth.  in addition to the work that she does in in her writing, madam Vanessa works to support the work of the gay and lesbian center of of southern Nevada and makes to referrals to programs that are hosted here.  she promotes the work of the center in which we reach out in the support of the lgbtq community throughout southern Nevada.

I would urge  your consideration of madam Vanessa in her request and pursuit of philanthropic support. madam Vanessa work is rather unique and serves a population that would otherwise would be left un served. there is really no outreach like hers in the entire community. madam Vanessa serves a unique community service


Michael g. dimengo

chief executive officer- the center.

I  say as madam Vanessa, this will always be a very special letter to  me to trying and making an attempt to help women get off the street. I worked very hard to get this endorsement to apply for a  writer’s grant,  in las vegas, nv.

my   now cancelled radio show and my writing  of my 1970’s autobiography was also endorsed by our lambdalv business network- our lgbt chamber  commerce by our corporate secretary- rob schelegel

I will continue to write  to help women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade. my book that I am writing was always written to help women who thought of engaging in prostitution,  to pay their bills,

and for women to read my real-life story of being a prostitute when I was 18-19 years young in 1972-1973 for 13 months in las vegas, nv  to inspire women to have positive and constructive lives

I will continue to write very helpful and meaning messages to help all of you on the street with my real life stories.

thank you madam Vanessa.

this coming Tuesday and maybe this Thursday,

I read  tarot cards for donations only for people at the bookstore get booked, from 6-9p.m

which is at the corner of naples dr. and paradise road, by the bar quadz.

I am a very skilled , honest, psychic, with many years  and experience reading tarot cards  for many people


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