an erotic film

hello this madam vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

today  i wanted to share some ads for  our gallery adult mini theatre in crestwood center in 1970.the ad says this theartre was air conditioned, adults. only you must be 18years old and the price of a movie ticket then was 5.00

there was 1.00 off coupon to use for this place in the panorama paper sometimes the ad said the most erotic film ever shown and the nicest people attend our theatre regularly , you can  be proud to be with your wive or date.

in 1970 our mini gallery adult theatre was 702-385-9337.  i never saw a movie there. i just met men there for sex dates for 30.00 or 40.00 dollars   as a 18 year old hooker at the clients home for 30 minutes off sex. i would be   hooker at our crestwood center for 6months in  1972

i had no fear being a callgirl which was  also the word for hooker or a working lady is what  i was called then in 1972-1973.

this life at 18 years young thoughtwas so glamarous ,  making  money selling my body for sex and meeting so many men and i could be on my own and buy anything i wanted and go out to eat and buy groceries an have a car and have my own apt and allways be straightforward and honest  who i was and  stood on my own two feet and always be my own person, which would all be important to me one day to get myself back to las vegas 12 years later in 1985 where i would a strong and courageous woman in 1985 in las vegas with a very private past and.  when i had the courage to leave town and stop being a prostitute in 1973, i felt used emotionally and physically by men, i was also so hard o n my self and it took time to forgive myself for being a seller of sex as a young woman. i never felt embarassed about being  hooker, i was very honest and was a strong woman always.  and when  i came back to las vegas i would search for my best friend dee who lived by twain and swenson, but i knew she was gone and my best friend dee was a hooker who was a woman in her thirties and looked hard to people, but was always a  good friend to me i thought.


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