talk of the town bookstore

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

our talk of the town bookstore  was in our  crestwood center at 2232 e. Charleston,tel#385-9032,

it say here that this place moved at 1238 las vegas blvd maybe by main street. later on ,I saw this place in 1998,  I believe this is show girl video, now.

this bookstore , the talk of the town in the `1970 accepted  a bank americard  for a purchase according to our panorama paper, this place was opened 24 hours and called the supermarket of sex, and had a complete stock of marital aids. in 1972 I was sitting down there talking to the owner of the adult theatre, who at this time I did not realize I was  working as  young hooker then

this bookstore was busy and noisy and you know the vice cops were always in this place. in the panorama paper  it is dated the ist anniversary sale was 10-29-71,

I have the ad Xeroxed   that advertises, coupon specials

sexy key chain 49cents, erotic magnets 25 cents, party adult records 1.00, porno photo digest 2.00

in the paper, the las vegas mirror, that I have never seen, the talk of the town bookstore , in 3-29-79 had a 2 page the front of the store, and in the panorama  2-23-73, pix of crestwood shopping centr re-named the adult center

and I say as young woman in 1972 being a prostitute, I would go to work  for the owner of this bookstore and this man would send me to more expensive  sex dates at our hotel with male customers staying at the las vegas strip hotel for a 50.00 date and  my date arranger took  10 as his fee and this person and owner of this bookstore  I really  met and go to know and talked to him on the phone to send me out on dates and this man in his thirties was  a cruel business men and I would figure out on my own I had to leave our crestwood center being a prostitute that  I was never in a safe place and the way to get out of this rough place was to keep calling a client expected to stay at our Tropicana hotel, that never  got there  until very late and then my pimp yelled at me and never called me again, so I found a new circle  of guys to screw with money by mouth to mouth referral myphone, so I say I am  October of 1972, living in my apt on 777 naples dr by paradise, close to orjungle club and  unlv fraternity house. and I wanted to say when I came back to las vegas in 1985, I figured out on my own where the two pimps where from crestwood, I say on our east side of town with a escort service, and our crestwood center is still open till 1990, that I never saw again. the business man also opened before 1980 a dancer;s place and I will research these people and read up on these people in 1998 and a  writer will show up in 1998 and ask me if I would like to re-meet one of these business men and I said no and never wonder that  I made the right decision , but talking to me about this person and the fact that someone else maybe knew what I know that this business owner at the talk of the town bookstore was not  nice to women ever, like I always knew. I liked being a hooker and  making dates from my telephone and screwing guys at my apt better than being dropped off at the thearte to meet men in their cars, and go to their apts. which was not so safe looking back at this  , and seeing guys at my apt maybe that was safer, but still someone could have ripped me off and not paid for my sex or beat me up for sexual kicks. when I lived in my apt one of  the first johns was a very cute attorney , maybe in his thirties and he use to make  me laugh for the 3 times I slept with him as  a hooker and I still research to find anything on

tis attorney, since  to this day I cannot find anything about this attorney. I am a lucky woman that in 1972-1973, that  no pimp or john ever hit me  and  at this time I wish  in my view my  web assistant in 2014 her name is erma zurita at vegas all net radio where  I had  my madam Vanessa radio show for 18 months , mi ss zurita  suggested to  create stories of violence and mayhem about my life as  19 year old hooker to I guess exploit me  and my  biography is always  I s to be written all  honestly,

and it was honest  view that miss  zurita of vegas all net radio was laughing at my writing and my radio show.i say

as madam Vanessa, this  really my real life of being story o f being a hooker in las s vegas, nv in 1972-1973,

that I  will continue to share with all of youu


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