i have tears in my heart that our riviera hotel and casino is closing

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s, this morning I would like share my memories of being at our Riviera hotel and casino. my first memory of this place in 1985 working at the outside as a snak bar attendant at  crowded and busy fight nite., I have only been in town in las vegas for 2 weeks then.

the next time I am at the rivieria  I park at the back parking lot to enter thru the personnel to apply for cocktail server job, that I did not get this job.

my special memory is with my best friend Julie , we were cocktail server at the dunes casino for four years together, so when we left the dunes casino after 1990 we met the bar manager lefty Kaplan at the casino, we paged him and we both asked for cocktail server jobs and we gave lefty our phone numbers if something opened up, that day we also went to  the frontier to see our dunes beverage manager carlos roeg to beg for cocktail servers job and mr roeg was so nice  to talk to always.

I always want to remember my special times with my best friend Julie who I would lose in a car accident in 1993.

my friend Julie  last cocktail server job was at el rancho before 1992 and my last cocktail server was at our jerry’s nugget, that was busy with locals and very safe in north las vegas

well at our Riviera, I remember seeing  a comedy show with my husband paul in 1986 and  I also remember eating at the very good coffee shop in 1985 by my self then.

about 1989 the Riviera had a very cute slot club to win cute jean jackets, hats for prizes, I won a Riviera  cap then.

in 1991 my mom, my aunt and uncle took a bus ride from California on a tour of las vegas.

and I likedthis casino, this place was in bankruptcy then, and reminded of me our dunes casino,

we all played 21  and I thought all the pit employees and dealers were very nice and we all dined in a good restaurant.

then in 1991. I wonder if anyone remembered on a weekend  in the back parking lot  about 1986 there were rides for our kids there.

I am sure there was a 2nd time  I applied with personnel at this casino for a cocktail server in the 1990’s.

in 2000 mr lefty  Kaplan daughter barry got married in a lovely ceremony with her husband to be in a banquet room  there.

I had a date for this occasion and we had a lovely dinner  there. this was interesting because my ex husband paul was a banquet waiter at this lovely event and  no I did not talk to my ex husband after we divorced 12 years later, but I remember this.

anyways I have my very special story of being introduced to bar back larry lapaglia at the Riviera in 1973 by my good friend dino, who was  a hairdresser at the la concha motel for awhile, then.

I have written this story about larry lapaglia, called all about larry lies with  many feelings about what  happened then in 1973 that  I wrote in 1998, when I just started writing my autobiography of living in las vegas for 6 months and  gaveup.my writing then and  when I started to write  about my life  I told myself this is a 1970’s novel of my life which was never  true, so I learned as a writer what a really biography I have been writing now for 21 months now.

what is important in this story this would be my last day in las  vegas in july of1973  with larry lapaglia and we  across from his apt in our battista’s parking lot.

I will share this very true story about bar back larry lapaglia from the Riviera who I thought was my friend who was  not

thank you, madam Vanessa

it is very sad to me this lovely casino and hotel is closing to be imploded and we  all lose our las vegas history


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