larry lapaglia, bar back at the riviera in 1973 and all about his lies.

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970.,s.  I wish to state this  the real name of this young man I met in 1973 from my good friend dino. this  very true story of my life  with this person in 1973 is  legally copyrighted and is also at our Nevada state museum in my own closed writer’s file.

my friend dino introduced to larry  lapaglia so I could have a nice friend to go out   with. so I called larry  at his home one day in march of 1973. he seemed nice to me on the phone and I expected to me  since he knew I was dino’ s friend then and larry knew I was a hooker as a young woman. the first lies he told me that he was a  widower and he wore a wedding band and then after I  got to know him he told me he could get $ 100.00 dates from his bar at the Riviera hotel. which never  happened.

I visted larry at  his apt  a few times and we talked and I called him on the phone and I visit  him at his workplace. his apt was across from battista’s and he lived upstairs. any ways when I came back here in 1985, I probably drove by his apt and I also remember the street by battista’s  which was Arnold had many apt there for workers at the casino’s to live at where  our linq hotel is now, it was interesting to see this street with only one old apt left on the street now for me.

I have shared  all about larry’s lies  2x times on my radio show and how I really felt

about all this which was  standing up to all  his taking advantage of me as a young woman in 1973 at 19  and doing my best to stand up and be courageous.

this happened to me july of 1973 and when I came back in 1986, I discussed what really happened with larry and a young woman said to me you had to know someone to help you and I said yes. then I found a beverage manager on  a job interview in 1986 and asked this nice woman is she knew larry from the Riviera and she said  yes and I got very angry and left the interview and never spoke another word of this until I wrote and typed this story in 1998 when I started to write my autobiography of being a callgirl in  las vegas in the 1970’s.

and to this day 42 years later, I have never walked into the restaurant battista’s and I always have wondered what would that feel like to me, but I have to have a date to take  me to battista’s, because this place is so fancy to me.

I need to mention I never slept with larry lapaglia, because I was a hooker in 1973.

I will continue  this  story of my life which is always a part of me and  never easy for to me forget.ever.

I wish to write and say with a good person working in our city that was also my good friend in 1972-1973

this nice man helped me call the cops on larry lapaglia at his work place at our Riviera hotel in july of 1973.

and this nice man that helped me in 1973, I would re-meet in 1985 at his work place in our city.

I will continue the real story of  my life with larry lapaglia, bar- back at the Riviera in 1973, who also say I  going to be a bartender at our mgm casino.

thank you  madam vanessa


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