i am battista’s parking lot with larry lapaglia, bar- back from our riviera hotel in july of 1973

, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s I just wanted say our Riviera hotel closes on Monday with a nice pool party in the daytime and a part of our important las vegas history will be gone for our  convention center now.

in march of 1973 I continue my friendship with larry, just visiting him at his apt and talking to him on the phone.

in march of 1973, I sold just about everything in little studio apt on naples dr, I could not take being a hooker any more, I got frightened and angry, that I always got sick with v.d and my medical bills were high sometimes to get better and my phone that I work off as a call girl then got slower, because  men move to different women for  hookers all the time.

I decide once I  sold my stuff out of my apt , I go back to my dorm room at Tonopah hall , on our 6th floor,but I kept my phone and my dishes and my clothes. I  still talk to guys that I want to date me but there is not much left for me and I  am not to turn a trick in my dorm room. I j ust want to go back to college and be in my dorm and stop eating out at nite. I looked for my friend buff in the dorm and she is gone.

and I will really search for my friend buff  eventually before 1990 with I thought our helpful unlv alumni association, that never helped me ever in the 1990’s, with several calls I made to their office for help and assistance. my friend buffwould graduate from unl v with her master’s degree in social work , maybe in 1974, with my other school friend.

I called our unlv alumni association for many years thru out the 1990’s and no ever called me back, which would be so disappointing to me , that I could not find my friend buff, which would  always mean something to me.

I decided in april of 1973, m aybe I  would go home to my parents when school ended  and come back to college at unlv in the fall but our tuition , was raised to 600.00  which was to expensive to attend unlv.

I did not want to tell my folks  I h ad a 4 year old car all paid off which was 1200.00. I loved my vw squareback that was a 69  year.

idecided I would give my dishes and some clothes and my phone to larry.

and my car and come back for these things in the summer. then I called larry after I left to sell my car, is what I decided, so I mailed him the pink slip to sell my car signed,

I trusted him, well he sold my car and did not tell me this, ifound this out threw my friends here,  so  igot upset and I drove down to his apt, he was well aware I was coming to his place in july of 1973,

and I asked to have my four boxes down at battista’s parking lot across from his apt and my clothes also.

well I got maybe 2 boxes back, and half my clothes and he told my car was no good and he gave the people back the money,

and I belived, but I knew he lied. I was so  hurt by all this. how could he sell my car and and  not give me my money for this and I was more upset that I he had been too lazy to bring my stuff  down from his apt. I was so angry at him and so upset and  I left  went to visit  my best friend bruce at his mom  house and talked to  my friend bruce for maybe an hour.

so I lost my car, my clothes thanks to trusting larry lapaglia, and I disconnected his phone in my  name also.

so il eft our lovely city of las vegas so hurt from all of this and this was my last day in las vegas in july of 1973 at our battista’s parking lot.

so I got home  saturrday nite and I was tired, I never said a word to anyone i went to las vegas,

but on Monday  i called m y other friend from unlv who worked at our city hall, maybe a month now and  told my special friend what happened with my things, i could not talk about my  cAR, i was embarrassed to ask for my friend’s help.

so my friend from our city hall,  called the cops into larry work place the  front bar at the Riviera 2 days later  and the cops told larry to mail my thing s  back to  me. so i got some of my things s back , glasses broken and one pretty outfit and another outfit back. larry called at my home and was  mad at  me and threatened to call my folks and tell them i was a hooker and  i just  hung  up on him and that was his end to bothering me.

and then i never talked to anyone about this till 1986 at different job interviews, where one woman said you had to know someone to get the cops  into a casino and i said yes. tt hat was all i could say. i always wished when icame  back here  to find larry and really yell at him.

i would re- meet my good friend in 1985 at our city hall in 1985 an d that  was the first time  i saw our 14 yearold city hall on the first floor and i always a long  hALl you go down to sit and wait for an appointment. i always remember in our old city hall on e. stewart and 4th there was a big  wall of awards for people who served our community and were killed in service.this was a pretty tribute. my friend who started to work in our city hall in 19 73, had a big office in 1985 on our r first floor.

now that i shared today  my very truestory of being a you ngng at being19 and doing my best to get rid of larry lapaglia.

in 1973. i will  continue my  real life story of being a hooker in 1972-1973, las vegaas, nv

i was always a strong, and honest woman at 19 and maybe courageous being  on my own  then,which would  bring me back to  las vegas- 12 years later.

thank you- madam vanessa


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