Madam Vanessa ::: PRESS RELEASE


Madam Vanessa – Las Vegas Talk of the Town 1970’s. Las Vegas, Nevada

Public Press Release

December 10-2015
The era of 1970’s Las Vegas is alive and well while echoing the sounds of vintage Vegas to readers throughout the country. For the past 14 months, you have enjoyed the vintage stories shared by Madam Vanessa on her radio broadcast on VegasAllNetRadio. Her experiences take you back to when Las Vegas was capitivated by an era that only one can share to give the true reflections of what Vegas used to be. This past month Madam Vanessa shared her last radio experience to listener on VegasAllNetRadio and has ventured in to the world of progressive blogging to further her reach beyond listeners to the world of readers. Las Vegas Talk of the Town 1970’s remains insightful to the luster of 1970’s Las Vegas.

Come share this vintage experience and travel with Madam Vanessa daily, back in time. Her writings, experiences and expressions is in words that can only be described as from the heart. Its heartfelt, truthful and full of lust and luster of the glimmering neon lights of a City that never sleeps.

You can visit her website at for a complete archive collection of past stories, radio highlights and a social connection to the woman we have come to know as Madam Vanessa.


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