Unlv tonopah hall dorm in 1972.

hello this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s,

i come from the san Fernando valley and from the city of  van nuys to attend unlv in sept of 1971 at 17 years young to study psychology at  unlv and i live on the 6th floor of the only dorm at unlv, our 6th floor is a woman’s  only dorm floor,

in 1972 i became friend with our  resident assistant buff t, her dorm room on the 6th floor was next to mine, when i came back to las vegas , i find our unlv alumni assoc , in 1985 by 1989 i a, calling the alumn assoc. to find my friend buff.

and i call this place many times at unlv , my friend buff graduated with her master’s degree in social work before 1974. our unlv assoc, never helped  me at all for many years.

i would  liked to re- met my friend buff , if this was possible, which never happened

isay as madam vanesa in the year 1972 in las vegas, i left the unlv in our Tonopah dorm to open a business in selling sex out of my little studio apt  at our off campus apt, at  777naples dr by paradise road close our unlv fraternity house and our jungle club then, very close to our Thomas and mack now.

iin 1972, iwas19years  young , i became  a prostitute. The lure of the money and excitement of the street stole my original dream of obtaining  a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After entering the life of prostitution , i knew i would never get back to my dream of attending college i was so emotionally damaged that is has taken me 26 years  later to once again dream of attending college. in 1999 i started to attend cs Nevada and  i obtained a Pell grant. for a disabled person, for being 46 years young with a notetaker for some of my  college classes. our re-entry at csn provided me with books and i was very proud and honored to get a scholarship for business classes, i was a novice student making the dean’s list for the five year period that i attended this college.

i write a book to help all women who though of going in to prostitution as a way to  pay the bills. my intent was to have all women follow their  hearts and their very special goals. The book i am writing is intended, somehow, to replace my initial goal of getting a  bachelor’s degree in psychology at unlv. i returned to see our dorm and the sixth floor about 2xtimes  before 1990, and i returned to our unlv campus in 1990. to walk around our campus and bring back the memories of what i lost in early 1990.

and i happily say in early 1998, i walk to our james Dickinson libraby up to our special collections with my new friend then , writer , dennis McBride, who still is a researcher and writer to help me find our wonderful  old newspapers from the r-j and our special paper, from the 1970.s our panorama paper so  ican start writing  my 1970’s  biography of living in las vegas and also start researching our las vegas history and for the next six months i write and research at our special collections libraby, that i enjoyed so much and having some great help with our libraby staff at special collections


and th is wonderful experience is always special and is written down in my scrapbook that i put together in 1998, with many zeroxed ads from the panorama paper and many things i wrote about my life in las vegas , nv in the  1970’s.

i have many stories of my life to share with you.

thank you, madam vanessa


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