living at off campus apts in a small studio apt by naples dr and paradise in 1972-1973, in las vegas, nevada

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

i say as madam Vanessa, my favorite hangouts in las vegas ,n in 1972,and1973

my favorite place to hang out as a young woman being a hooker and standing on my own 2 feet, was our jungle club big lounge and good size restaurant, i saw a old photo  of this place from our panorama papere, where this lounge , had entertainment , late into the morning and had black and white  seats with leopard skin. i would eat dinner there many nites in 1972, i would walk there from my apt, i would eat in the bar and have a margarita and a burrito for dinner which cost 5.00 with a tip to the bartender. i enjoyed this lounge it was quiet in the early evening.  i dined at this place for maybe 6 months then. in 1985 i would come back to our very special  city of las vegas at 31 years young and  of course i drove to see this place and this place was all vacated and many things were gone by paradise and Tropicana. in 1976  i guess another business mall was built that had a place called Arthur’s , a lounge and our la scalla  nice restaurant was there till 2002. Arthur’s lounge a long time a go became our double down    bar. my apt on naples in 1972-1973 was still there in 1985 and  all i did was walk around the parking lot many times and  maybe 20 years ago, got torn down and  became a smaller studio apt bldg.

i would always travel in my pretty green car that was a 1969 vw fastback to buy make up at our Tropicana drugstore by our mayfair market on e. Tropicana road and paradise and the woman  i spoke to there her name was Audrey with red hair and glasses, we also had a our special pumpkin coffee shop , which was a small place, that had great  pie, coffee and sandwiches,and had a counter to sit down. this was a neat place to just eat at. i would love to go shopping at our very special blvd mall and shop at our store Julie’s for the neatest and prettiest 1970’s clothes, this cute store would be  gone in 1985 but our blvd mall really did not expand much from 1973 to 1985, the boulevard mall in the 1980’s still went down two straight lines of shopping, in the 1970’s we had a photography studio there and i got my photo taken there.

i put this cute photo of me dressed in pretty granny dress on my checks and i still have this photo of me at the blv d mall. at this time our blvd  mall at our special store Woolworth’s had a lunch counter with all our neat food of hamburgers. soup French, fries, mashed potatoes , cokes in a glass. iwas so sad when our Woolworth’s store closed for good with their cute clothes, makeup and downstairs with games and greeting cards and our school supplies.

we had a neat candle store at our blvd mall that was still there in the1980’s and our Frederick’s of Hollywood lasted awhile at our blvd mall. we had a movie theatre by our marshalls and a bar that  went  bye bye early before 1990.

i would always treat myself to a very nice outfit at julies at our blvd mall , but i also like to buy clothes at our very cute store mr. bea’s for women, i say downtown at e. fremont and 4th. our  fremont street was so nice and clean in the 1970’s

i remember i would talk to the head bell captain at our four queens hotel to pimp at nite for out of towners staying at this hotel and this bellman cut would 40 per cent of  my date and this older bellman wanted to give me a hotel room to work out of then at our four queens  and i thought this was a scary arrangement for me as 19 year old hooker , where i could  get beaten up, catch  v.d and get arrested, ifelt  safer being a  hooker with mouth to mouth referals on the  phone to make dates men with  for sex and  money  at my little  studio apt, screwing men for 40.00 on my bed is how i survived as prostitute at 19 years young in 1972 for 13 months of my youn g life.

thank  you,madam vanesssa


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