with help from our las vegas sun paper today

hello , this is madam Vanessa las vegas, talk of the town 1970’s and I say as madam Vanessa, I hope someone reads my today my blog. more than a few months ago I stated on my past radio  show from our Nevada brothel association, in the  stateof Nevada we had 30,000 illegal prostitutes selling their bodies for sex and money  and we also had 3000 brutal pimps. today in our las vegas sun paper with mr flint a brothel lobbylist got sick and retired but this article also says now it is estimated we have 50.000 illegal prostitutes in las vegas, nv , this means to me that being a hooker or a seller of sex this is very competitive and very rough to be a  woman selling her body.

I wonder why it so glamorous to be a seller of sex , and I honestly say this is how this felt to me when I was 19years young in 1973 being on my own and being straight forward as to who I was at  19 years in 1973, in las vegas, nv.

in clark county today in 2015, it is still very illegal to be a prostitute and if you propostion a man for sex and money this is called soliticiation and this is a 1000. oo fine  and you have to pay a bails bond man 150.00 to get out of jail,  and you will get arrested and go to jail and need an attorney and go for sentencing in front of  a judge in clark county and you can go to

jail for 6months and have a misdeanmor on you record.

today I say to all of you if you out there thinking about being a paid whore for sex and money

the  very dangerous risks you can take living in this life style are getting ripped off  by a client who won’t pay for  giving him sex first and you can end up being thrown out on the street naked, you can catch v.d and get very sick by having unprotected sex for more money from a john. and from my own experience when having protected sex condoms do pop and fall off.

and many men who claims they are pimps will tell you to sleep with them and their friends  before they give actual clients  for sex and money and you just used. and is it worth to take a chance with a client  who want to pay you money to get his kicks by beating you up badly or a pimp that gonna beat you up and take all your money for not making enough money for him/

I was just going to continue writing my life story of being a hooker with meaningful messages to help all and get new madam Vanessa business cards and say I have writer journ al on my website, but I feel now, when I saw maybe 50.000 women being illegal prostitutes in our lv sun paper, I should get out into our city of las vegas and pass out my cards and talk to men and women who tell real stories and share them with all of you to help all of you get off the streets and out of the prostitution trade

I share with all of  there are 7 areas where young women  walk the streets and these young women are starving and very skinny and have mouths to feeds and I walk ed into one area close to a freeway and I passed out condoms, no so long ago and  I was trying to help these women by making them safer and this was  so hard for me to see, I felt I couldnot talk for 2 days and this was so hard to write  about and I wish icould do this again   and maybe I will oneday.

thank you, madamvanessa, and I also wanted to close with mr flint retiring from being our brothel lobbyist I agree prostitution should be legalized or we get  more brothels in the state of Nevada where legal prostitutes are safe and clean.


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