my 1970’s radio show

hello this is madam Vanessa , las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, I shared my autobiography of being a hooker when I was 19 years old in 1972-1973, I was a callgirl which was the word for prostutitute in the 1970’s.

I was a hooker for 13 months of my life.  on my past radio show I share my life story of living  in las vegas  for 75 radio shows in the 1970’s and 1980’s and I wrote very sincere messages to help all  women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade and I shared my real life story

of being a prostitute to always inspire women to have  constructive  and positive  lifes. when I was 18  years old in 1971 , I came to our wonderful city of las vegas to attend unlv as a psychology major and  my boyfriend dan, that I loved dearly and was very attracted to lured me into being a hooker to make good money  , selling  my body for sex and  money so I gave up my very special dream of getting a bachelor’s degree at unlv in psychology and once I became a seller of sex in may  of 1972 at 18 years and half  icould  never get my special dream back ever., my writing and my past radio show is also to replace this  goal of a bachelor’s  in psychology. I will continue to share my messages  and my real life story of  being a hooker in las vegas in 1972 to help all of you. I say as madam Vanessa  I take all of you back now to may of 1972 , when my boyfriend told me I could make good money as a hooker.

I got all dressed up in gold and white granny dress with a  beige hat and  I put on a lot of makeup with black platform shoes,

that I bought my shoes at our blvd mall at the leeds shoe store.

my boyfriend dan took me to meet his friend ken  who worked at the bookstore, talk of the town bookstore at our crestwood shopping center that opened in 1970 and I n  1969 this property was a house owned by the rudds.

so  I met ken at this bookstore and ken asked me besides being a hooker for 40.00 a screw if I wanted to  make more money as a hooker I could hit men with a  belt that got of this way sexually for 50.00 and I said  no

because I was afraid of this. I remember always one man called  me  for this sexual service  and I told  him I donot do this  service as a callgirl.

anyways when I met ken at the bookstore to talk about being  set up  as a seller of sex , I would give  my pimps there at  the e bookstore 10 fee for  a sexdate. that  day I met ken at the bookstore, talk of the town bookstore,

I was also  introduced to the manager of the  adult theatre , our mini adult theatre called the gallery  thearte, that opened in 1970.

this pimp fee was 5.00 and I always paid my fee. I met the real owner of th is  business then, who I talked 2x at the bookstore, who I thought was  a nice man, then.who was really my pimp then.

I will continue to shar e  our historyof crestwood center as an18 year old calllgirl in 1972. I really write from my memory as a biographer in the 1970’s of las vegas,

thank you, madam vanessa



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