quoted our adult center and the red light district in the 1970’s as the crestwood center

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

at our crestwood center in 1972 we have a velvet touch massage salon right next to our  talk of the town bookstore and  this is where I would be talking to one of the owner’s of thebusiness in this bookstore and the owner asked if I wanted a job as a massage therapist and I thanked him and I said no, because the vice cops was arresting women for offering men more than a massage and the cute women that were massage therapists that I met her wore

very  pretty shorts robes that was  black with shorts and a top.

these women were nice to me , since I was sitting next to the owner and not realizing  is really my pimp with other managers.

I wanted to share  today that our talk of the town bookstore in 1972 , was a very busy placewith lots of men in there and I should not be there since no one knew I was not 21.

at this place my boyfriend dan’s friend kent, was getting paid 5.00 as a store clerk in an adult bookstore and kent could get arrested for just working at this book store and we all knew the vice and cops are allover this place. I also wanted to share in the 1970’s we have a beta max machine to watch adult movies, our beta max machine was a big and heavy machine , then our vcr  came out to watch video’s, like I still have today with a good assortment of video tapes.

at this time my boyfriend dan I use to watch and rent adult videos from our talk of the town bookstore ,quite often and that  I got  to watching porn movies  as a young woman. dan  talked me into if I watch these adult movies I could learn to give a  john for money a better blow job, which was not true,  the more  guys I screwed for sex and money the more experienced I got as a seller ofsex at 18 and half years  young.

I would learn letter that our crestwood center that lasted from 1970-1990 was called our red lite district where I guess women walked the streets there.

when I came back to las vegas in 1985 I drove to far find this place  so I thought thisplace was gone and in 1986 an 1987 I am maybe a block away by our historic antique dealers store and I never thought to look for this place in the 1980’s again and then as I write my autobiography I would find out our crestwood center lasted till 1990 and I got a photo of this place taken in 1984 from our Nevada state museum, that I posted on my madam Vanessa, twitter page.

the businesses that were all  adult services at our crestwood center wanted to always have women that wanted to be hookers , like myself to  satisfy the male clients sexual needs and

the two business owners that were related wanted this always. that I figured out a long time ago and the message I have for all of you. these owners did not care about the hookers one bit, and if a male client had enough money to buy a hooker and beat a hooker  up for his sexual kicks that  was okay to the owner because the male  client was happy.

I use turn men down for different sexual kicks there, or a client could see  I was not sexually experienced as a young  women  being a prostitute and then I use to fear one of  my pimps here  would get mad at me and not get  me dates.

the  other  business man who owned the bookstore who I would later meet one nite  after   I started being a hooker in the month of may -1972, you did not want to  say no to on his  demands, and you could not rip him off from his fees for arranging my dates which was 10 dollars then, that I always paid and I never was afraid of this person ,I just knew all by myself for my safety as a hooker, I had to leave this area and these two pimps, with a way to get out and I knew from my own experience from being  a  seller of sex that these two business men had  the power, if I screwed them the wrong way, the could  make it possible. to throw me out of town or make  sure I never was a hooker in the town of l as vegas then.

I will continue to share my real life story of being a callgirl at our crestwood center.i write my autobiography in chronological order for the the 13 months I was  young hooker in las vegas, nv in 1972-1973 .

I want to share with all of you as a young  woman at18 yearold , I stood strong and I was very honest and straightforward as a hooker, then

and no I did not make a lot of money as glamorous this sounded  , to me then,

I lived in a small studio   apt, my rent was 125.00 a month with no garbage disposal  in my kitchen. and it was my choice to be alone and be on my  own. I was very  lonely as a  prostitute

I sign off  , madam vanessa


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