i met a name named willy at our adult theatre at our crestwood adult center in 1972

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town, 1970’s. In may of 1972, when I was 18 years plus and half.  my boyfriend dan drove me down to our adult theatre, mini gallery to be dropped at the front parking lot on the side of eastern ave, I met an African – American man maybe is his forties. he told me his name was willy and he worked as a bar back at our sands hotel. I got into his car, and told willy I charge forty dollars and to take me back to the adult theatre after were  finished.

willy and I went to some old apt that we walked upstairs. I was not afraid of this man at all and knowing  that I would  have gotten to undress to have sex with him as a stranger  did not bother me then. we walked up to his old apt and then we both got on the bed and I laid down and then we had fast sex and this man came inside me. then we both got dressed and willie gave my forty dollars  and then we got into his car and he drove back to our adult theatre and I went

inside to pay my pimp, the manager of this porn theatre his five dollar fee for the date setup.

I had sex with willie one more time in the daytime at his old apt,  he then wrote me a forty dollar check, that I cashed at the bank with my boyfriend dan, and this check bounced and my boyfriend dan and I called willie and asked for my money and willie did nothing to fix this.

so I got ripped off as a hooker for the  first time, which I did not like.

I wanted to paid for my services  as a seller of sex.   I felt really taken of advantage and I told my pimp at the porn theatre what happened also.

my first trick was not at  our theatre, it was with a cab driver in his car, who wanted a blow job in his car and we drove around naples and paradise,

I will share more about this the next time I write

I have lots of stories to share with you

signing off – madam vanessa


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