meeting a cab driver on the road paradise road

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town, 1970″s,

one afternoon I was walking up to our mayfair market by harmon and paradise. I lived at our rebel apt then in  may  of 1972. It is hot in las vegas then to me.

so I am wearing a t-shirt , my sunglasses on my eyes and I have my purse. this is my first trick as a hooker, this cab driver stops in his car and said do you want to party and I said how much, he offered me 30 bucks to touch my boobs and give him a blow job in his car.

so I told him to stop his car and I got into his cab and I asked his name and I noticed he was an older man with black hair and glasses. his name was gab , I told him  I’m Vanessa and I told him he was the first trick I ever gonna get paid for giving him a blow job.

so l let him play with my tits, I was not scared of him and then I undid his pants and got his dick out of his pants and I played with him and got his penis hard and then I so slowly his man rod,

and I felt like I was gonna choke sucking his dick and that is what happened , I spit up from not being using to his dick and yes this guy got mad at me and gave my 20.00 and dropped me home. I gave him tel# hoping to get some dates from him with guys.which never happened and  and when we were together  undressed in his car we just pulled the car into a dirt lot by paradise and naples. I was with him for an hour maybe.

so he dropped me off close to my apt and I saw my boyfriend dan and told dan, I made 20 dollars as a callgirl and then dan couldnot belive I had so much nerve to pick up a man for money   and have oral sex for 20.00

looking back this was not the last time I had sex with men for money in their cars as  a young woman in 1972-1973. being a hooker.

I believe this still goes on and  what I want to write, when I first came back to our city of las vegas, in march of 1985, I  lived at 11th ave and stewart for some time and I walked many days  on e.stewart to 8 th and carson to our Nevada job connect and maybe lunch at our western hotel counter and 2x time , it is windy and cold in march so I am bundled up in warm clothes then and I am 31 years young.

so the first time I walk on e.stewart to carson ave, one big man pulled up into  to me in his car and waited for me to get in to  his car and I did not . then one day en route to 8th and carson, I walked on ogden and these two men were chasing in the daytime and I finally walked onto

fremont street and got away from these two scary men. I was glad to  our unemployment office that day. iguess men still look for hookers on downtown  and on our las vegas strip is what I am told these days. I say to all of you, I think it is very dangerous to pick up men for sex and money in cars, you can be kidnapped. beaten up , thrown out of  a car naked and get ripped off and catch v.d and get very sick. I keep meaning to write I learned this being  a volunteer educator  aids for aids  of Nevada in 1994 in las vegas, nv if you are a seller of sex and you have unprotected sex with a john for money and you  get arrested for solitication as a paid whore and you get tested for hiv/aids. which will happen and if you test postitive for hiv. aids you go to jail as  a felony for a long time and you are sick in jail is that  worth for a glamorous life as a callgirl making money selling your body to have sex with strangers.

that was my honest story and a sincere message for all of you out there thinking about  being an illegal prostitute in clark county, in las  vegas ,n v.

I have  lots of stories  to share with all of and very sincere messages to help all of you.

bye  for now.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off


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