for sweet mrs morris at unlv in 1971

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s,

in the year of 1971 I live on the 6th floor dorm at unlv tononopah hall, we had 2 women resident assistants then.

I went to our student union, which had a drinking fountain, a pool table, maybe 4 places to buy food , then . we have an upstairs floor then, all I remember upstairs is our job employment counselor, mrs morris and  like  I wrote before no one knew what I was talking about when I asked about mrs morris in the 1970’s. I found only one person now in las vegas,

that was a psychology major in 1981 and had  our special psychology teacher that I had for 2  psychology classes, psych 1o1 and 103, Dr . koettel, who I was told in the 1990’s stayed at unlv awhile , just like psych teacher Dr logan, who taught us all statistics then in 1972.

I wanted to write in 1985  I would re visit our dorm at unlv and to me nothing had changed , 12 years later from  1973 and I visited our dorm in 1985 within the first week I was back in las vegas and then I visited our dorm a few years later in the 1990’s and  of course when I accepted to write for my madam Vanessa radio show in june of 2013, I am sitting at our  unl v dorm sofa and sadly we have no privacy laws so I could not get to see our sixth floor,

so I am just as happy to visit our special collections libraby, one year later and  for me as a biographer and a writer is  almost time  for me to get this special libraby for special photos from our sun paper and our review journal.

I say about mrs morris , our job employment counselor, who office was on the 2nd floor of our moyer student  union, in  1971, I went to her office for  a job. The first job for me at unlv is making donuts in our student union at 5 am – 7 am and then I go eat breakfast at our dorm mess hall at 7 am , which became our rebel bookstore, I would have given anything to see an old photo of our dorm mess hall when I was at our special collections libraby at james Dickenson libraby in 1998, which  unlv did not have.

any ways I had this job maybe 5weeks making sweet donuts with lots of sugar, I dropped a part of the machine on the floor and then we had no donuts I guess, so that was the end of my job, and this job paid maybe 1.75 an hour which was  our wage then.

The next time I got another job from Mrs morris, was to sit at a table, in our very special place -wonder world,  in our  Maryland square.

I was selling tickets to a charity basketball game for 10.00 a ticket on Saturday and sunday, in the daytime, I sold two tickets then.

on that  Saturday afternoon, I met a very cute guy who told me to come meet him for  a drink at our fogcutter lounge on paradise,

so Monday afternoon I walked to this place  on paradise and flamingo and there is no continental hotel till 1981.

the fogcutter was a prettyand big place with a black bar and  black tables to sit at.

the cute bartender made me a drink of kahula and  milk and yes this is the first time in a bar at 17 and half years young.

the  cute bartender  that invited me there asked my age and  I told I  was eighteen and he asked me to leave this bar.   yes this was the first time and last time I would be in  our fogcutter lounge in the 1970’s. in 1986 I would be applying there in a new name place as a food waitress, and this place wanted to  hire me but I cannot carry a tray with plates  it took me some time to realize, I was in our fogcutter lounge in the 1980’s and to remember this place with photos of . this place  from our special panorama paper.

now in 1971 as a young college woman at unlv. I saved up enough money to walk all by myself to Maryland and e. sahara ave. past our commercial center and across  the street to go into an athletic store and by a very pretty blue azuki, ten speed bike fo r. 50 dollars.

now I can ride back to our dorm to Maryland  pkwy  and harmon.

I wanted to write it about February 1972 a nd I turned 18 years old now

and very soon, I  will taking a special bike  ride to commercial center, to  our Karen ave, into our  san franciso square for  a job there , that gonna  change my life forever.

I will continue this special bike ride and my new  job  at our ice  capades chalet in our san franciso square shopping center on e. Karen ave and Maryland in 1972.

this  is madam Vanessa signing off.

I will journal my  real life stories before I became a  young woman as a 19 year old hooker in las vegas, nv in 1972


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