the spring of 1972 in my life living in las vegas, nv then

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I want to share with  all of you a very special ad from our panorama paper from the year 1970. this ad says :attention – slot and keno players, you can win a new color tv, 4p.m, 10 p.m plus at 1971 ford torino car to be give away October 8th at 11 am at binion’s horseshoe..

when I came back to las vegas in 1985 our culinary union sent for a waitress job at the horsehoe with beverage manager vern eller to work as a food server in the coffee shop, I say well I got an apartment but no job, so pretty soon , I would be at our Nevada job connect ,  downtown on 8th and carson where our container park is now and yes our unemployment office in the 1980’s was always busy then. I would meet a very nice lady by the name of Lorraine a job counselor there, who knew I wanted to get a job as fast as I can as a waitress.

I remember  I was sent out to our bowling alley on Charleston and Decatur, which became our fanatisk  drug store and now our walmart.

then I got to work at our poker palace in north las vegas in 1985 where we pulled our tips , with the sportsbook, the pit and the dealers and the cage, so I never made any money for my eight hours there,so then I would bounce around from casino to casino  with cocktail server jobs ,  at the union plaza for  one month and then finally I got hired at our wonderful dunes casino and hotel, with very nice  food and beverage managers , that were from the thunderbird hotel.

yesterday I wrote about in 1972 I saved my fifty dollars to buy a blue azuki bike to bike ride around our unlv campus and ride around on my bicycle on Maryland pkwy.

this new means of transportation , meant to me I could get a better job, so I went back to our unlv job employment office with sweet mrs . morris and , she gave a green slip to

apply at our ice capades chalet owned by  Ronnie Robertson and maybe his mom , also in our commercial center by our Karen side by Maryland pkwy. I guess I am in march of 1972 , then

so I took a bike ride from unlv dorm at harmon and Maryland pkwy to Karen ave, where the original entrance was to enter to back office of this place and I was allowed to park my 10 speed bike there inside always. when I went to this place to meet my new boss  jerry damshroder, who was also from the san Fernando valley like myself, I also met the other owner dick and his young son Donny.

I was applying for a fry cook on the nites when the ice skating rink was busy and one day shift and I could ice skate after work which I liked.

so I accepted this job unaware, I needed a sheriff’s card and a health card then, and with no car, this was not easy for me to get. I was very determined to get this job  then to have money just t oget out of the dorm on the weekends. I had to have gotten on my ten speed bike to ride downtown to get our special yellow  card sheriff’s card stamped minor for 5.00 then

that I would keep for some reason till I came  back to las vegas and  lose immediately, I say downtown showing  this someone and found me on our computer  in march of 1985.

that bike ride in 1972 to  our sheriff’s office was a long ride from our unlv campus.

about our health card and getting to our health district on shadow lane.

i really sat at our bus stop by our blvd  mall in the daytime in the week and some man asked me if i wanted a ride  in his car and i told him i wanted to get to our health district place for my health card and i offered this man gas money to drive and he said no.

i was so determined to get my work permits card for this job and  i did not care that i accepted a ride from a stranger.

this man was very nice. he waited for me  to get my  health card in his card and then he gave me a ride back to our unlv dorm and i thanked for his help.

on the weekend then  i called my new boss at the ice capades chalet to tell i  was ready to go to  work and to call  mr damshroeder for a schedule this week.

in 2014 i would finally walk thru this place , where the owner dan, i met and told him i worked here in 1972 and dan the owner, gave a whole tour of the place and i photographed this big old place that  had not changed, in 1985 i walked t hru an empty Christian reading room that was big.

and i always remember on this side of commercialcenter, you had the cute clothingand jean store brick top and boris  and one sandwich shop, i neverpaid  attention ,to t theupstairs  area or the las vegas lounge, where i had friends be cooks there in the1990’s and  of  course how could i forget our escorts service place there in 1985, which really upset me then.

i will continue to share my special story  of being at our ice capades chalet in 1972, on my way to meet my new boyfriend dan lee there also.

this madam Vanessa, signing off.


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