a very classy gossip paper called the panorama from las vegas from 1967-1975

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas, talk of the town 1970’s. our special panorama paper, that I have Xeroxed many ad at our special collections libraby at unlv lied libraby. our special collections libraby would be at our james Dickinson libraby till 2oo1.

I am sharing a cute ad from our panorama ad in the year 1970.

this ad says the sit-in for pants man. mr b’ bag. 421 e. fremont ave. las vegas , downtown by fourth street till 1982. I shop at our mr b’s bag for women also on fourth and e. fremont in the 1970’s, this clothing store was expensive, then, I bought a very cute  long blue coat at this place in  1972 and I was disappointed all our cute stores downtown which included penny’s where are gone  when I came back in 1985.

in  February of 1998, I walk up to our special collections libraby with my new friend and writer dennis McBride.  at james Dickinson libraby at unlv,

my plan then is to  research and write about my life in living in las vegas in the 1970’s as prostitute and try to remember as much as I can then, which is really not a lot , because at that time I stayed and wrote and researched  at our special collections libraby  for 6 months only and then I gave up as a writer and  I had no confidence also.

my goal at that time was to donate my  real life story of being a hooker when I was 18 years old, in 1972 to our Nevada women archives, also at our special collections libraby then, now called women archives and also I felt at this time in 1998,  I said to myself then, I started at unlv as a young college woman studying psychology from 1971-1973, that I started at unlv and I  wanted to share my experiences living in las vegas in the 1970’s to contribute to help women.

and that is as far as I got with my writing.

this week I found all my special stories that I wrote in 1998, since I was putting in order all my writing from my 75 radio show. I felt so special finding my real old stories that I shared with all of you on the radio. I will repeat all these special stories on this blog.

and I say nothing is more special to me then spending all my  time at our libraby at unlv in 1998 to write and research and put together my special scrapbook with my writing and all my Xeroxed ads from our 1970’s  gossip paper the panorama, which I will continue to share with you always.

I did go back to our special collections libraby in 2014 at lied libraby at unlv and  I got 30 more Xeroxed ads from our panorama paper, which was wonderful and spend time with our lovely libraby staff, then.

my madam Vanessa radio show ended 3 months ago, but my writing my real life story is very important to me  with very sincere messages to help all women.

being a prostitute at 18 years young , I kept a journal of my life then in 1972 and 1973, I thought this lifestyle of being a hooker was so special because I could be on my own, pay for a small studio apt, buy a car, buy food for myself and always buy clothes and make up and this rough lifestyle of selling  my body for sex and money would really hurt me emotionally and physically, and  stopped enjoying my life and I had no goals in life after being a  hooker.

I think at 19 years young it took a lot of courage to stop being a seller of sex and go home to my parents and sadly leave las vegas then in 1973. I worked very hard at community college t oget  my gpa  to get cal state  Northridge , to have a college  education, which would not be important to me  after being so emotionally hurt by being a 19 year old hooker.

for me it took a very long time to forgive myself for putting myself at risk by selling my body to men for sex and money.

I also write today that it took a lot of courage to come back to the city of las vegas in 1985 and feel my path in the 1970’s and  I worried that 2 people I would remeet from the 1970’s would throw it my face that I was a prostitute and no one did that  to me.

and as  I walk downtown to  remember places from the 1970’s and look for a job at our downtown casinos and  at our Nevada unemployment office 8th and  carson by our western hotel in1985, I  always remember that I felt like, the date arrangers in our hotels where still getting dates for hookers for  c men clients ,staying at our hotels and  I knew  nothing changed in the 1980’s. I honestly have been told the price of a hooker went down in the1990’s by a vp. president  at a strip hotel. when I came back to las vegas in 1985. it was like my whole past of bein g  a hooker , is  what I felt, in september of 1985, I had a cocktail server job  at one hotel that bellman got me dates and all I could thinkabout what is  like for me to take the elevator up to a man’s room when I was 19 and have sex with a stranger and get paid for this service and take the elevator down to meet the bellman at this lv strip hotel and give his  40per cent of thedate.

this did not feel good tome at all. and I write I never told anyone ever  I was a hooker for man y years living  in las vegas till 1998. and I was too afraid    always.

and I decided in 1998 at our special collections libraby with my friend dennis and the libraby staff that it was okay to talk about  my past and I felt comfortable and  safe there writing and researching and sharing  my special stories there.

so today , I really shared with all of you my time spent writing in 1998 was  always special and having a second chance with 75 special written radio shows now  that  I wrote my real memories and to continue on with my writing is all very special and important to me always.

this  is madam Vanessa, signing off.


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