our 1970’s history of the city of las vegas, nv

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town1970’s.

I wanted to write when I was a hooker for thirteen months in las vegas when I was only 18 years young in 1972-1973, every one really called me Vanessa, and that is the name I chose to be called as a prostitute, more than a few people called by my real name , which was also okay.

With our history of las vegas our  criminal court judge . Robert legakes was elected to the bench then in 1972 and served till 1983, with baliff mr r. beckwith.

a 1970’s attorney in our city then was Tony L.Abbantangelo,

Judge seymore brown became our municipal court judge at our old city hall in 1973, his courtoom was on the second floor of our old city hall at e.stewart and fourth, close to our lady luck casino then. Judge seymore brown was an officer of the law at our police station and received his master’s degree in social work at unlv in 1973 and then got elected then .

Dr Maurice Neibaum with nurse Madeline black both gave excellent care to women in the early 1970’s at our sunrise hospital on Maryland pkwy, in the medical bldg.  office in the back of the hospital in medical bldg. office #107.

Enrique salzano ,started the latin chamber  of commerce also on e. stewart ave before old city hall.

mr salzano , a fine jewelry designer and owner of las vegas casting jewelry designs,with  ceron, another businessman that was a jewelry designer, both these jewelry designers opened a business upstairs  office at our fifth and fremont coronet store, also in the early in the 1970’s

and I say as madam Vanessa I wear the costume jewelry from these two businesses from the 1970’s as  a special memory. mr salzano and his family moved his  jewelry business to w, Charleston and Decatur in the 1980’s and retired the business in las vegas in 2005. my  best friends mike smith and bruce yates worked for las vegas casting in the 1970’s. In 1975 mr briare was elected as our major in the city of las vegas and served two terms as our major.

In the 1970’s our  las vegas hotels supported our charities with very nice fund raisers then.

we had in the mid 1970’s a national program with our march of dimes charity with a successful walkathon.

I reference these historical facts about our city of las vegas from our special 1970’s gossip paper, the panorama and a 1973 phonebook, that had my real name and phone # number then from our special collection libraby and the helpful libraby staff at unlv in spring of 1998.

and I also got help ful assistance at our downtown courthouse in fall of 2013.

I will share more stories of my life this week.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today.


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