we have escort services and this place want to hire women for escorts in 1985

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s. I write today I come back to our wonderful city of las vegas in  march of 1985,

and on my  sixth day of being  back in our city. I want to find  our  ice capades chalet , where I worked in 1972 as a  snak bar attendant then.

so this place is in our commercial center at e. sahara and Maryland by Karen ave in our san franciso   side of commercial center and in 1985 it is an abandoned Christian reading room

and I walked into this place all empty ,which felt strange, and notice just a big room.

in our commercial center in 1985 we have 3 beauty schools, white cross drugs, boris and brick tops, dana McKay business books,

our commercial deli is gonna re-open and another  good junk food place.

so in the first time I  am in commercial on a Saturday, I am good food at this junk place with a hamburger and French fries and a diet soda and I am listening to a rebel game also, which I really like listening and I am so happy to be in commercial center that day in march of 1985.

then by accident , I notice a place say this is an escort place

and I want to find out what this, which got  be a businessman having a business to give people

hookers for a pretty price. I think to myself, I am going to apply for this job to prove to myself this  a way for a prostitute to make money with a pimp taking his cut.

and I am guessing that the people that I worked for as a 19 year old hooker with 2 pimps that owned businesses at our crestwood center in the 1970’s own this escort business, which I   think is very scarry to me and  I was right who owned this place by 1990;s news.

so later in the week I go back to commercial center to apply as an escort at this place and this young woman tells me I can  make good money as an escort with being with couples. and I thought to myself, how nice to be a hooker again and get beat up or ripped off  or get sick with v.d and I am also told I need a sheriff’s card to be an escort in las vegas and it also on tv news escorts are getting arrested then, how  awful is that.

so maybe a week go by and the escort service in our commercial center called me to come down to get a  green slip for to work there and go to meet our sheriff’s  dept for a work permit.

then I drove downtown to our old bldg. downtown by fifth  and fremont, and you have no lines for a sheriff’s card and you can park very easy somewhere downtown and not walk to far.

so at this time I am sitting  down in our sheriff’ s card , waiting to meet a las vegas  sheriff,

to discuss what an escort and a work permit card.

so I get called into a sheriff’s card and I listened to this nice  and young sheriff tell me I can have a work permit to be an escort for 3 months and the more I talked to this nice man in our sheriff’s dept in las vegas  in 1985, I just want to say I donot want to be a paid prostitute with a pimp or get arrested and I let the sheriff speak and then I said I donot want this card or want to be an escort and I wished I could have said I donot want to be a paid whore with a work permit and  said to myself why is this allowed to exploit women with a work permit for a very selfish business owner and then I say to myself changed when I lived here in the 1970’s

which I figure out just by walking downtown in the casinos there looking for work and remembering from the 1970’s a bellman , a bartender and a valet and probably a floor person, makes male customer happy with a hooker for  an evening date and these hotel employees take a cut of  hooker’s pay and donot care if the woman being  with date for sex and money gets beaten up or arrested then in the 1970’s, which had to go on in the 1980’s and in the 1990’s/

I was so upset to see we  as women could be escorts in 1985 and I guess there were many escorts services and I guess the business owner  got 50 per cent of the date then is what I was told. I recently heard an escort was hired by  man staying in a hotel for  4hours and the charge was 750.00 in 2013 and the woman escort got half of the price is what I was told by a nice bellman, who been at strip hotel for over 30 years and swore to me , he would never ever pimp a woman t o a   customer staying at a hotel, this nice man  also told pimping a woman for a customer now would cost him his job.

this is madam Vanessa signing off, I have lots of stories to share with  you

I wanted to end in 1985 when I spoke to a nice young man at our sheriff’s dept, in las vegas , I knew this person was  surprised I said no to a work permit as an escort, I wanted to shout out,

I will not be a hooker and take risks with my life for sex and money ,but I couldnot say this then.


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