Saving one girl at a time

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

and I write today saving one girl at a time and for 75 radio shows for 19months I shared this on my radio show . that my radio show and my writing of my autobiography of being a hooker  for 13 months when I was 19 years young  in 1972-1973 that I dedicate my sincere writing to help all women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade.

and I also say  I want my real life story to always inspire women to have positive and constructive lives and never  sell yourself short  in live and give up on life and settle for being lured into the street to  have lots of sex and money to be an illegal prostitute in  clark county and get so wrapped up in the money  you make as a hooker that you cannot get out. a pimp looks at a hooker just to make money off or use a woman to sleep with his friends as favor and maybe never get you any work as a sex worker.

I say to all of you a  man who buys a seller of sex justs wants a good time sexually and doesnot care about you. your a sex object to him.

and  if you have a a conscious like myself you cannot be a hooker, to screw men for money every day, this was not easy for me at all

I write now for all of and to sincerely help you.

if you would like to get off the street and get  clean and healthy

you can go to our gay and lesbian center in las vegas,nv at 3200 Maryland pkwy around 11 th street, the tel# is 702-733-9800 for free testing mon- fri, in the daytime.

if you would like to talk to a counselor we have our kayenta counseling at  702-438-7800.

and unlv counseling at 702-895-3011. both places have student therapists counselors for a 45 minutes  session for 25.00 which is a reasonable fee for this service.

a good low cost clinic with a very nice office staff and  very good women’s care is community  outreach medical clinic run by dr. savedra , by e. sahara rd. and Maryland pkwy, tel#657-3873, that is open  mon- Friday till about 4pm and a half day on Friday.

we have our Nevada job connect at 3400/ s. Maryland pkwy by twain , the tel# is 702-486-0100.

go to this place  that opens at 830-430pm, mon-Friday. this place have jobs. some job program training and education. I hope these suggestions are helpful to all of you who want  get off the street.

I am here for all of you. I sincerely want to make a difference and make a contribution in our city of las vegas, nv to always help women off the street.

why should you have to go what I went thru and all the danger I risked as a young women being a paid prostitute. and I also write it takes more courage to stop being a seller of sex, then being a brave woman like myself in 1972 selling my body and wondering how do I pay rent  then and how much v.d can I get sleeping with many men and get very sick or getting beaten up badly by an unhappy john,which are the negatives of being a hooker.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today


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