i am continuing with our history of our crestwood center.

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970.s

I always remember being in the back parking lot of the crestwood center in the summer of 1972, I work at the only adult center in las vegas ,n v as a young woman being a hooker, selling my body for sex and money. I had two pimps at this place these men were related to each other.

one date arranger at our crestwood center owned a massage parlor called that  was called the velvet touch and owned the gallery mini adult theatre, the massage parlor , massage therapists were getting arrested and the vice and cops were all over this place .then. the other businessman owned our talk of the town bookstore, was a powerful man in  las vegas and   and I was told as a researcher , this man was an entertainer manager, later on. and both these men wanted their adult center to exploit women as prostitutes to make their clients  happy and so these pimps could make more money at the business and make a fee from a hooker.

this crestwood center was not a safe place ever for a hooker and I knew this when I was only 18 and half years young is just my feeling and there was a special way  for me to get out of this place by accident , I figured this out on my own and both these 2 businessman owning this center you never ever wanted to cross  by not paying them their cut of your date or standing up your clients and of course there were sexual favors, to  have sex with their friends for all the money you made as a hooker. I will share one story of  this , which no one would like as a hooker to give yourself and your body to a man for free and if you did not do sexual favors for your pimp as  a hooker, you would not get any more  sex dates from these businessman

this is madam Vanessa, signing off.

and I always write to be straight forward about my real life story from all  memories.


2 thoughts on “i am continuing with our history of our crestwood center.

  1. I always write and share a very straightforward part of my life as I write my autobiography of being a hooker at nineteen year s young in 1972 to share my experience to help women off the street written with sincere and helpful messages always


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