about our special corner of stores at e. tropicana road and paradise road in 1985

here is a cute ad from our las vegas  paper, the panorama, I enjoyed reading these cute 1970’s on my past radio show these ads I Xeroxed and put in a very big scrapbook came from our unlv libraby at lied libraby- special collections. this libraby special collections that I have visted two times has so much history of our city of las vegas of many past decades,

the ad from the panorama says  our Le Bistro,

Authentic Cuisine Francaise, everyday special diner $6.95

Reservations, Tropicana of paradise road by our mayfair market. when I came back in 1985 half of this area of this  shopping was gone . we still had our macayo vegas,

a beauty shop and a golf pro place.

our pumpkin coffee shop and our Tropicana drug store was gone.

our gelo’s bar was still here but I donot what it was in 1985.

the jungle club which was on paradise road  by naples , which I hung out in the 1970’s and very close to my apt at 777 naples was empty.

maybe unlv fraternity house on naples was still here in 1985.

I was glad some of our places from the 1970’s were here.

and my old apt at 777naples was still here  and iwalked our this place a few times. I also visited a few times the parking lot of my boyfriend marlin’s apt at e. reno and giles by our Tropicana hotel and behind our sunset lounge which is gone now.

marlin’s apt I believe is still here and was made into to condo’s and I have not visited this since the  late 1990’s and I would like to photograph this place and I never ever gave up to find myboyfriend marlin from 1973, when I  arrived in las vegas, nv, which  I really searched for and I never thought in 1985 to look at dealer’s at bally’s then.

I would find marlin in 2000 with his father larry bray a floor man from the mgm passed away in 2000 but marlin wife, iris, would not let me see my friend marlin, so that was not meant to be.

maybe tomorrow, I share a 1970’s date with marlin bray on a sunday in February 1973.

this is madam Vanessa . signing off.

It has been almost 4 months ago since my madam Vanessa radio show was cancelled in las vegas, nv on internet radio and I guess  I still miss writing for a radio show that got to be expensive to pay for  every month and trying to get a radio sponsor , someone invest in your  radio -show is very hard to get.

I am  very grateful, I had a radio show for 75 shows and 19 months and I continue to journal on this blog now as a writer and a biographer for about 2yearsand I will not give up on writing ever.

thank you, madam vanessa


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