I met marlin bray a 21 dealer from our tropicana hotel ,in las vegas in 1973.

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, I would like  to talk from real life in 1972 in las vegas about my short relationship with marlin bray who was in 1973 15 years old than me and lived in an apt by himself then by e. reno and giles close to our sunset lounge, which is gone now but these apt on giles may still be here,and my boyfriend marlin in 1973 I always felt fate would end this short special relationship, so I will  share this very true story of my life this week on my journal and really in 1985 when I came back to las vegas in 1985, I

posted an ad in our review journal paper trying t ofind him 12 years later or what happened to

him and also in 1974  I was here in las vegas to see the barry manilow show at our mg m showroom with my friend suzy and we drove over to marlin apt then and no answer and this felt to remember this now and talk about this on my past radio show last year, especiall y to remember this.

I wanted to share with all of you as I write more of my real life storyof iving in las vegas in the 1970’s and the 1980’s , I always remember more and I always write with my feelings.

So to me that is why our downtown las vegas  in the 1980 ‘s  and90’s is every important to remember and also what I remember with our business and  my friends ATlas vegas casting jewelry designs on fifth and fremont  is always a  part of me.

here is  a special ad from our panorama paper in the year 1970

men’s quality hair pieces, European hairpieces for the discerning male.1111 las vegas blvds,so.#201 hairpieces with natural  scalp parts and built in sideburns, stylings and fittings by linda and maria.

this is quoted as the el Greco  hairpiece for men 65.00

I say as madam Vanessa, let’s walk the streets as a 1970’s hooker,

and I am in February of 1973. and iam  now nineteen years young.

I had the right connection as a seller of sex to finally to get to a belldesk to work out of a hotel as a prostitute and I must pay mr bellman 40 per cent of his  fee for a sex date, which meant at this time I got 50dollars to screw a man  in a hotel room and I gave our older bellman at our Tropicana hotel  20 .oo dollars for there fee then. One nite in this month of 1973, I got a phonecall  from bellman larry at this hotel and  asked me to  do a favor for him.

the favor was to get paid 40.00 and go to marlin bray apt just to chat and meet  marlin.

so I drove in the evening to marlin bray apt on giles by reno ave.

I met marlin at his apt on a Wednesday nite at nite and he gave me 40.00 and we chatted for a few hours and then marlin asked me out for lunch on Friday and I accepted his date and on Friday marlin  picked me up in his cute  red sports car and took me out to lunch at our zodiac sandwich shop which was on Maryland pkwy and e. Tropicana road, this was such a cute sandwich shop , where you ordered your sandwiches all named after astrological signs and this place had a counter and then brown tables with stools. this place was very reasonable to dine at and had great philly sandwiches and this place I sadly was gone by 1985.

this was my second date with marlin b. and I enjoyed his company and beingwith him but we neve r  kissed or slept with each other for the short time I was with him.

as I continue to write and share  my short time with my boyfriend marlin, there are messages for all of us but , I really always want to remember my time with this good time and I am glad I  remember more about him as  I write my book now

thank you-

this is madamvanessa, signing off


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