my honest plans with my new business cards as a write my biography

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s

I give out my business cards at a networking group, that iam paid member in our very nice las palmas  banquet room, monthly in our special and revitalized commercial center.

I also go shopping in our city of las vegas. nv at many stores and  sometimes sit down and share my cards and listen to women’s stories as to what is going on  in our city with women of today being  sellers of sex and if I am told anything important to help women. I would honestly write this in a very honest and straightforward message to help all  women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade.  The last honest  message I was told   that I believe downtown had people being smut peddlers  again , they were passing out flyers that said  an exotic dancer  could go to  a man’s room and then this flyer being passed out was that the worker  passing out the flyer got 25 per cut of this fee which was 25.00 and the owner of this business got 75 per cent of the dancer fee of 100.oo so now the dancer made no money and the dancer  had to ask the client for a tip to survive and that’s all I know and I am not to assume anything of this contract with a man and a private dancer in his hotel room, I will say in all honesty the businessman  is trying t o exploit women  to our male tourists for a private dancer, in my opinion.

on my business cards I pass out  to hear  honest stories about women being prostitute, like I was told 3 areas where women walk the streets as a seller of sex , on our east side of town, maybe 2 places are by freeway’s,

I  had permission from management in a hotel and casino  on the street to pass out condoms to our women , sellers of sex and I realized,  when I  really passing out condoms , one weekday by a freeway exit , southwest, our young women  who were selling their bodies to men , were  very young and skinny women, and obviously to me , had  hard times to find jobs and had mouths to feed and by passing out condoms to them, I felt they had a safer day.

this was so sad to see this, I felt like I wanted to cry , that this really goes on for young women and I wanted to try to save one’ woman; live and I really did cry  over this harsh life style and I could not talk for 2 days, is how I, honestly felt more than a few days ago.

my madam Vanessa business cards really say and this very true about me as to whom I am always.

my captivating journal recounts the life persona of  madam Vanessa in  early las vegas as  I face challenges in our city that never sleeps.

I share on  journal of blogging my story of prostitution and the my special journey thru  years of recovery to become a strong example of independence and advocate towards my real campaign of saving one girl at a time.

I close today it    took courage to stop emotional hurt and physical  hurt as young woman as a prostitute and  I also feel I was very strong as young woman at 31 years to come back to the city of las vegas in 1985 with a past, that I guarded for some time, but I always wanted to  get back to our city of las vegas and be my own person again and have a fresh start in life  in our city in march of 1985.

the next time  I journal on my blog , we all walk back to the 1970’s in the city of las vegas, as a 19 year old hooker in 1973.

I now know and feel I did not share all my stories of my life in las vegas in 1972-1973 and the 1980’s on my past radio show.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today

thank you, madamvanessa


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