our rock concerts in las vegas in 1972

hello. this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of  the town 1970’s

and I say from our special gossip  paper the  panorama , here is a very cute ad.

in our panorama paper in 1970 we have a cut out coupon for free pancakes at our uncle john restaurant, which I believe was around  e. fremont  and 11th, I think. in 1972 I dine at this great place on every sunday with my boyfriend dan then and this place had the best pancakes with strawberry syrup.
the panorama ad says : Free pancakes with your panorama goodie page is an attraction at uncle johns.   please note in 1985 we had an uncle john’s by on south las vegas blvd past  harmon. I had a waitress job there in 1985 and I got this job on my references, I knew in  las vegas then. this was a fun place to work then, this place became a denny’s after 1990, that I also applied at as a waitress.

in 1971 I start college at unlv and I live at our only dorm Tonopah  hall

we have concerts at our only  one convention hall,

the tickets are 5.00

the group who  play there are the grass roots, and Elton john  in 1971

in 1972 Fleetwood mac played here and then the group deep purple was supposed to play and we had a riot . there

I was there at this concert in 1972 with my boyfriend dan lee,  who I would meet at the ice capades chalet and my boyfriend was a cook at an upstairs restaurant at this place which was a nice place to dine then. our Nevada  roller hockey which is now our  ice capades chalet for  about 9 years in commercial center , kept the upstairs  restaurant with a bar a, that  looks like it is from the 1970’s and closed. when we had this riot at only one convention center in 1972 we have no more concerts at our convention center.  In the summer of 1972 we have football stadium built by our boulder hiway.

The first concert at the stadium was the band Stephen stills and I saw this concert with my boyfriend dan, I would  from the month of march of 1972 to nov. of 1972 being with dan.

my boyfriend dan lee would have the lead role in the first play at unlv at our judy bailey theatre in may of 1972. I saw this play and this theatre was  beautiful then, like it is now and I saw the back stage of this lovely theatre.

I have lots of stories to share with you with my boyfriend dan lee, his father was a floor person at our flamingo hotel then.

I will continue to journal on my website about my boyfriend marlin bray, in February 1973 and  maybe this was special to me since I could not date this man for  a long time

and like I wrote before , I really made a very good attempt to try find him with a newspaper  ad and 1983 phone book from our only one story  e. flamingo  clark county libraby.

that I  search for many people with this 1983 phonebook  in march of 1985 when I first come back to las vegas. I  searched  in this phone book to  all the way to m’s , I was looking for my doctor who took really good care of me in 1972 and 1972.

I like to remember my doctor who had his office in the back of sunrise hospital, medical bldg. #107,

this fine doctor  would be kind and always  helpful and never let anyone know I was a hooker, then

this is madam Vanessa signing off for now.


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