in las vegas, in the 1970’s

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s

today’s panorama ad form our las vegas paper then

a photo of  women in a dress store and  2 women holding cute dresses and the caption say

Gypsy Elaine co owner of the Gypsy Viking boutique displays a knit dress for billie casey and mimi Crawford, I  wonder where this cute dress store was in las vegas, then

I say as madam Vanessa, I continue to write my memories of living in las vegas in the 1970’s

I shared with all of you that I met this man named marlin bray  at his apt on giles close to our Tropicana hotel then for a 40 date arranged by bellman larry and this was a favor , so I didnot   have to tip bellman larry.

marlin and I  3rd date was on a Friday nite in February, we  had a dinner date.

marlin drove me out very far to big restaurant, out by anne road.

this place had a big bar and a big dining room. this place is still here which is bob taylor ranch house steak. I was told this week by someone a steak starts out at 20.00 now.

I wondered what our dinners cost out at this nice place in 1973.

when marlin had our Friday nite date at this fine dining place. we waited in the big bar for some time before we had dinner. then we finally had a great meal ,steaks with salads and potatoes and this was a big meal, probably one of the best meals I had dining in las vegas then in 1973.

then marlin and I finished dinner, we left this place and  we got back to his place, which took at least  30 minutes to go home. then we got back to marlin apt. I  said good nite to him and I got into my car , which was a 1969 vw fastback, that I  just put a down payment of 300.00, and had  to pay off 900.00 for this car, which I did. As I continue to write my memories of marlin bray that I share with you, I think about  going  to see his old apt on giles and walk around like I have done in the past but maybe I will try to get inside the apt and photo the outside.

like I always write in my book, I did my best to think about marlin and try to find him as soon as I came back to las vegas, nv, I just wished I had talked to him in 1985, just like my dorm resident assistant buff in 1972, but I guess to find these 2 important people in my life in 1972-1973, was  not  meant to me. I guess  I get  upset when I see unlv alumni assoc . on twitter and I realize they never ever helped in the 1980’s or 90′, or 2000 and ignored my very nice phonecalls to assist me. oh well

I have more stories to share of my real relationship with marlin bray in February 1973, that I only dated for one month and was never sexually involved with him.

marlin liked telling all my connections to be a hooker that he is with me and not to call me ,which I did not like at all and I could not get these connections back and then marlin apologized to me, but I will share what I allowed marlin to get away you  with me , since I was young and naïve and this is a good message to all of you if you out there thinking about be a paid illegal prostitute to me for sex and money

this is madam Vanessa signing off

thank you


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