On channel 19, sex slaves . in las vegas , last nite tv show

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town ,1970’s.  Last nite I watched this tv show on channel 19.

I appreciate , annie hobert with hooker on jesus , talking to many  young women  to leave the adult industry, before this hurt a woman emotionally, miss hobert also spoke about a young woman who had vaginal bleeding and crying she was so used as a prostitute, how very sad.

I did not know if a man   trying to buy a hooker can be arrested and jailed and fined in clark county thanks to our las vegas metro police.

the police on this tv show also talked about how young woman being hooker  ,can get so badly beaten up from a john that they end up going to our county hospital. on this tv show it showed a young woman only 21 years young being arrested as a hooker and going to jail and it was my impression, this woman  go right back to the streets to sell her body once released from jail .

Miss hobert, also said we still have 30,000 illegal prostitutes in clark county today.

if out there and thinking about being a seller of sex for the glamour of sex and money, please read my journal.  on my 75 radio shows which are downloaded on this website and the message I have written for all   of you are important. Being an illegal prostitute is not safe today, you can get beaten up badly, by a  john, you can get ripped off and not paid for your sexual service and  you can get thrown out on the street naked,

and let’ not forget not using protection to have sex with a man for money that you can get very sick with v.d or hiv aids and if you test postitive for hiv/ aids , after being arrested for solicitation in clark county, this is now considered a felony and you go to jail as a felony and being sick in jail, so it is worth all the sex and money to destroy your life.

I am lucky as young woman being a hooker , no beat me up, but this lifestyle that I thought was so glamorous and that I got so wrapped up, in making  money, destroyed emotionally and took all my goals away and I felt  all used up by men when I was only 19years  young in 1973.

I say as madam Vanessa, I am here to help all of you, donot let some nice man try to talk  into being a prostitute for sex and money. This man will use you for his own selfish profit,which is a pimp.

I say as madam Vanessa,  I want my real life story to always inspire women to have positive and constructive lives. and I also say now,saving one girl at a time.

thank you  madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa signing off today


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