a 10.00 ad from our 1970’s panorama ad

hello, this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s

from our panorama  paper in 1970

I have a 10dollar coupon to go  California ave. auto body. one block of southwest  main and  Charleston, maybe this is our arts district.now.

I told in my previous journal on this blog I met marlin bray a 21 dealer at our Tropicana hotel in 1973 from bellman larry on  swing shift for  marlin to give  40.00 and I met marlin at his apt on giles,

the other bellman who worked  at the bell desk at the Tropicana, were Donny  and Denny, who were nice to me and got me hotel dates for 50,00 more than a few times and I always   paid ther 40 fee  immediately after  having sex with a man in his hotel room. and  iwanted to say marlin  decided to tell the bell desk not to call me, which he  could do ,due to the fact his father , larry bray was someone at the Tropicana  in the 21 pit and   mr bray and marlin both walked into the mgm for jobs is what I was told, and too bad I did not think of this when our bally’s was here in 1985. oh. well, anyways a few dates after  dating and liking marlin bray , he decided, he should pimp for sexdates and  I would give him 50 per cent of this date and as naïve and young I was I believed him and I lost our bell desk at  the Tropicana  for sex and money which I just got in February of 1973 . like I write marlin did not get me any dates and one time I told him I made 100 bucks from the bellman at the hacienda hotel. which was my cut    from men  that I had sex with  in a hotel room  and I told marlin this and he took my 50,00, which was really not fair , that I needed for myself. I really believe my companion date marlin , would help me get more money as a prostitute , with his connections at the Tropicana hotel, which sadly never happened. I dated and liked marlin for one month and then I guess we both stopped calling each other . then I called him one more time and he wondered about me and offered for me to live with him.

but then at 19 and he has two kids from a marriage and he is 34 years young , so I thought that was a lot for me and I did not talk to him after this phonecall. he could have called me back since I called him  in 1973 and in 1974 my friend suzy and I drove las vegas from calif and saw  the barry manilow dinner show at mgm. this was a great show.

we also drove over to marlin’s apt  on giles at nite and knocked at his door and no one answered. when I look back at this I still had my little black book of friends and clients from las vegas, which I rememebered I kept for some reason for 3 years later on  and threw out then.

so I thought about this when I was here in las vegas for a day and half , I  never called any one like my best friend bruce, that I wished I did , this was my only attempt to reach someone from las vegas in 1974 by knocking at marlin apt door.

then when I have made the decision to come back to las vegas in early 1985 and I have directions to get to our city of las vegas, I am thinking about trying to find marlin bray, which I do with a newspaper  ad and  a 1983 phonebook.

I had no luck  with these ways  and then in 1986, a floorman, at our union plaza , told me larry bray is a boss at mgm and I did nothing because, I felt as long as I was  married and loved my husband paul very much, I would leave my past alone and then when I got divorced 3 years later, I feel it is too late to try to find anyone from the 1970’s, I  would honestly meet one man from our 1970’s rainbow club, one of the owners, art lebert , a host at the dunes and I reintroduced my self to art at the dunes and asked him about his partner dick Thurmond, the real owner of the rainbow club, that I really hung around as a 19year old hooker and had a lot of fun in 1972-1973, with him. mr lebert told me dick Thurmond’s gary, was a cashier at the flamingo in 1989 and I met gary in 1973 with his father, but I never went to the flamingo to find gary, dick’s son in 1989. I guess this did not matter, but I always having fun with dick Thurmond  and him being one of the nicest man I partied with as a prostitute in 1972-1973.

I want to share in my writing my  dates with marlin and maybe a bellman story from the Tropicana hotel in 1973.

this is madam Vanessa,

signing off.

thanks – madamvanessa

and as a lady these are really my stories of being a hooker in for 13 months in las vegas,n v in 1972-1973 and a part of me and my biography and all of this is legally copyrighted.

this very old business in the 1970;’s says auto body repairs and painting all models, services are  expert color matching, fast service, insurance claims promptly handled.

come in for fair estimates

24 California ave at commerce , this had to be close to our culinary union.


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