about our new shopping mall in 1972

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

here is our panorama ad about our las vegas plaza built in 1973

the ad say las vegas most convenient shopping center and constructed with tourists. moving stairways, carpeted and air conditioned for comfort , open from 9 am till 10:45 p.m

this place was  across from our stardust  then and had on the 2nd floor a good Mexican food place. this was still here this food place and half the inside stores where gone in 1985.

in 1973 our cute wome’s lib , fashion store moved to this place which was once on e. sahara rd , next our plush horse bar then,

at this shopping plaza we had the night gallery cocktail lounge, called a drinking establishment, I was never inside this place and in 1998 I photographed and walked around the outside of this place. it was like I remember our silver city casino by then maybe gone and outside on convention drive , maybe a sign was still advertising these stores, but the building is gone with some tourists shop, another store in this ad was the barrel of shoes, women’s shoes and bags open 7 days, lower level south.

In my message I share with all of today I say as madam Vanessa, donot ever sell your self short and give up in life and be lured into the street  for sex, glamour and money as a prostitute and  take risks with your life , like being ripped from a client who tells you he will pay you later, now you had some one use you for no money.  or get beaten up badly by a john who paid you for this to get his sexual kicks this way and as a seller of sex you can get robbed and thrown naked on the street, and another risk you take is having unprotected sex for more money or the condoms rolls off and you get very sick from a vd. infection.

and getting arrested for soliticitation in clark county as a  illegal prostitute and your fine is 1000.00 and going to jail and you can be sentenced to 6months for breaking the law in clark county, when you have your sentencing with a judge, the district attorney in the courtroom, with your lawyer, I would not want to go thru any of  these risks ever again after being a hooker when I was 19years young in las vegas in 1972-1973.

I wanted to share from my experience you can get so wrapped into this rough lifestyle as a seller of sex like I did  when I was 19 years young in 1972 and  this felt like I could never get  out  by myself as long as I stayed in las vegas, I liked being on my own and standing on my own two feet as a young women being a prostitute.

This lifestyle destroyed all my goals for college and I gave up my special dream of getting a bachelors of psychology at unlv. I left unlv in the fall of 1972 to set a business as  paid whore in  my small studio apt by naples and paradise, with a phone and a bed with mouth to mouth referals for  clients then.

I wanted to write once  gave up my dream of completing college , I could never get this back.

At 19 and half years young I felt so emotionally hurt and used up physically by men as a hooker then.

And when I came home and left las vegas in 1973  and lived with my parents in calif, I felt I had no one to talk to about this and I was so hard on myself for my past now, that it took a long time for me to forgive myself , for putting myself  in such risks as a young seller of sex, which I did forgive my self eventually and I used to feel very embarrassed about this , but I had no reason to feel embarrassed since I was very straightforward and honest as to who I was then and I never ever ripped off a client.

I wanted to write  also from my own experience as a prostitute my life then was very lonely, I t  is also my own experience I met many men and women that just wanted to use me for their own selfish purposes, that I probably allowed since , I was young and naïve.

I was lucky to have good and honest friends like my best friends bruce yates and mike smith in las vegas , 1972-1973 to always to depend on then.

I want these honest and sincere messages to inspire all women to have positive and constructive lives.

thank you , madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa signing off


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