no one believes me with these 1970’s stories,

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

from our historicial las vegas plaza shopping center that opened in 1972, that probably closed some stores in the 1980’s in las vegas.

we had a store called tepee- authenic indian jewelry of distinction, handcrafted arts,

upper level south at this gone shopping mall.

another store is Sculpture in glass world’s most unique glass

See the lost art of glassblowing demonstrated- upper level south- 3025s. las vegas blvd where our ross store and Walgreen store is now.

in the  year  1972, I was told men staying in the hotels on our las vegas strip would offer to pay a hotel maid 50.00 to spank with a belt with sexual gratification and I also shared when I was a hooker at our crestview center in the same year , I was told I could spank men also for 50.00 to 70.00 and I thought this was weird to hit a man  for sexual kicks and very scary.

I also heard when I was a cocktail server  in the dunes  in the 1980’s ,we had a woman bar manager, that would set up the interested cocktail server to date our customers and when I heard this , I thought did you get fired  for not going out with some guy staying at  the hotel. it is weird for me to know one cocktail server at the dunes who made good money  in being a cocktail server was a hooker.  About the year in 1987 when I was a cocktail server, I use to serve drinks at our rick’s lounge , there were 3 prostitutes always sitting at the bar stools by the bar and this was the bar , the working ladies picked up their clients.

one nite after my shift one pretty hooker asked me flat our do you want to join us, I guess for a 3 some and I was so frightened of this, I thought to myself, I donot want to be used or get sick or get v.d or maybe get arrested. is what went thru my mind, and I said no to this pretty woman being  a hooker , who was raising her daughter on her own.

at the dunes I was told when vice cops come thru the bars at this hotel you donot tell  our 3 hookers in the ricks bar, vice cops, otherwise I get arrested also.

Now I write the last week I was with marlin,  I still donot understand why he took my 50.00, to be my pimp and took money out of my hand when, I was so young and I am sure at 19 years young I probably put things that were not there.  I always thought for the one month of time I spent with him, we never kissed or had sex together.

the last week I saw him .  marlin the 21 dealer from our Tropicana hotel, decided  I should spend the next four nites at his home. I say  lovely , now I can lose more business from him as a hooker. but I was naïve to belive he would get me higher price dates at the hotel Tropicana as a young prostitute.

I donot know what his game was or understood   this, I just liked him for being older, that is why I search for him  in what way I had available in 1985,except for thinking about bally’s.

I would spend four nites at marlin  apt on giles, I donot remember if he gave out his tel# for dates. I just remember liking sleeping over with him in his bed, but no sex, he turned me down for sex. we ordered food to be delivered every nite which was nice that Marlin paid for.

and then he complained after the fact that this was too expensive, which was junk since I knew he made very good money as a21 dealer  at a strip casino.

with these four nites, marlin decided he should hit me with a belt if I could take this from a customer  for  money,  marlin just took a belt and hit on my leg and I cried and screamed and this really hurt and of course this made a welt of black and blue on my leg. I guess this was why I stopped seeing marlin and when I came back to las vegas in 1985, to live in our city of las vegas,  I wanted to write I forgot , marlin hit me with a belt ,and I guess I remember this now that I wrote this in 2014 to share on  my radio show that I wrote and directed in 2013-2015, and I write now the more I write  the more I remember.

so I shared with all of you the real reason , I left marlin who 15 years older , than me  and was divorced with 2 young and cute kids.

I wrote before in 2000, marlin father passed away, larry bray at the age of 1990.

so my friend and I found his address and tel#, I contacted his  marlin wife , iris, to ask I f could see my friend  from 1973 and she said no.

that was not meant to  be for me and  at least I completed my search to find him, is how I look at that. I sometimes wish there was more people for me to find as this is my seond time I wrote about my real life in the 1970’s.

the third time I now write is gonna be an autobiographical book of my life of living in las vegas as a callgirl in the 1970’s with all my messages, which will   a very important experience to me and  always very special to me ..

I will share one more story of my life with you with one very special person to me in the 1970’s in las vegas.

then I will write my book.

thank you madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today.

I am truly flattered, now I have  3 people reading my blog now.


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