las, vegas, nv population

hello las vegas and all over the world, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

our las vegas population in the 1970’s was 307,ooo, people ,when I lived here also, in 1980 ‘s our population was 528,000 people, and in 1985 when madam Vanessa came back to town with a  las vegas madam Vanessa, reference we had maybe 700,00 people living in las vegas then.

In the 1970’s our hotels supported charities.  governor mike cahlan served his term from 1971-1979, then bob list was our governor from 1979-1983,

Oran gregson was our las vegas city major from 1959-1975, then mr briare, was our major of the city of the las vegas in 1975-1983.

in 1979, mr . bob stupak opened our busy casino vegas world,

our union plaza I belive opened in 1971 and opened as the world’s largest casino and hotel in downtown, las vegas, so I say as madam Vanessa, my friend , madam dee and I visit this place on a Saturday, in 1973 to hear  a band play  music with a stage over the bar with cocktails in the afternoon, always. and when I work there as a cocktail server this stage is there at this casino was closed then.

our hospitals then are sunrise,

north las vegas hospital, women’s hospital at e.sahara and burnham

and umc

where a very kind and good doctor, named Dr, Maurice niebaum, started his residency as a internist in 1966

in 1977 harry reid was our lieutenant governor, Jim santini and David Towel was our congressmen.

Myron Leavitt was our commissioner from 1975-1978.

Our criminal judge , judge Robert legakes was our judge from 1972-1983.

and Tony l. Abbantangelo was a city attorney then

when I was a cocktail server at our dunes casino  where our Bellagio  hotel is now, I worked in our pretty ricks lounge.

our special woman singers , then  were Darcy Spears,, peggy sparks, Diane Ellis,

Barbara ,Graham, who first taught music in school and then became a singer at our dunes lounge and also sang at the casino’s lounge in atlantic city   and at our rio. and  a singer of the name darcus speed, sang with her pretty voice at the dunes and went to our golden nugget

and  a very pretty and young laura resnick , daughter of our casino host ash resnick sang with great voice at our dunes rick ‘s lounge before 199o.

From our panorama ad with our las vegas plaza shopping center built in spring of 1973,  yes I do have a photo of the night gallery bar from the outside taken in 1998 with  the front outside of silver city.

in this shopping center in 1973 inside the we have Lloyd’s bootery- upper level south= men’s and women’s fine shoes,Deliso dubs shoes and Nettelon French Shriner-3025s. lv blvd

another store there is garwood – tapes and record. radios, tv accessproes- upper level south . I would liked to seen this record store and maybe I did. One of my last date’s   with marlin b- the 21dealer from our Tropicana in 1973 was walking around this cute mall with him and his 3 children.

I close today I  have many stories to share with about my life in the 1970’s living in las vegas, ,nv

in my message I say today

there is always  a way out of of leaving the life of a seller of sex, if you sincerely want to get out and maybe you have your inner strength to say  goodbye to this risky lifestyle of being an illegal prostitute. and I say to all of you today ,  and please remember there is always hope to get back on the right path of  life.

I am here to help all of you and I sincerely share my experiences of being a callgirl when I was 18 years young  in 1972, with honest messages to help all of you get  off the street.

thank you, madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today.


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