to write my 1970’s biography, i will miss sharing our 1970’s panorama paper

hello  this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

I will be sharing two more stories before I start journaling my book that I am going to write to share my experiences of being a 19year old call girl in las vegas in 1972 to always help women get off the street. and I write today if I am to write my  life story with all my memories of living in our city of las vegasin 1972-1973 as a prostitute then, I cannot share my special paper scrapbook, I put together in 1998 of  many Xeroxed ads from our las vegas gossip paper the panorama that cost 6.00  for 52 weeks.

here are some special ads from our panorama paper

it says in this paper in 1970

Hostess Charee Seale works at the  Lost knight lounge at the royal where the group wee five performed there, my friend  and madam dee would go to this club at nite in 1973 an  yes I was asked to leave one nite with my fake I.d  this was a cute place then. this is now our Barrymore restaurant on convention ctr drive.

the next ad says

Birthday girl- Paula was feted at restaurant Ciopino’s by her husband Eddie kiefaver who hosted a huge gathering at Pasquale’s Pasta parlor and I have no idea where these places where then or now.

in the 1990’s we have some singles gathering  for single people, in las vegas , nv

Our pretty place café Nicole, has the group funtimers , that I attend with my best friend charlotte in the early 1990’s on w. sahara road after bingo palace, I dined a t café Nicole with  in the early 1990’s with very good diners with my date terry.

our bagel ball that still has a xmas eve  dance, now use to meet for this fun event at our beach on convention center by our piero’s place, and the beach is an empty lot now.

A very fun place to meet and dance was our hop on e. Tropicana  road before spencer which was here in around 1989= maybe till 1998, this place played 50 and 60 music and lots of parties there and yes  I worked there as a cocktail server in 1990 and I remember going there many times  from 1990 till 1998 and having lots of fun there then.

we also had a place called kiefer’s on harmon where I think aria is now.

kiefer was up on a high floor in the late 1990’s and you could see the view of the strip this was a pretty place then. one time on flamingo and pecos there was a singles event after thanksgiving, that fun that I attended in 1992.

our single central of Nevada  was a fun dating service that lasted thru 1999, that I joined and probably did not meet anyone special.

I met more  more guys  to date in 1998 when I tended bar at the ram’s head by our stratosphere, plus I just  gave up on my writing of my 1970’s autobiographical book , which I called a 1970’s novel then,  to say the word I am a biographer in 2013 for my written radio scripts was quite a change for me.

And I say  no one would believe me that I dated an past casino owner executive and my friend that I dated worked very hard for this man. and also no one would belive me also in 1998 and 1999 that I dated a good guy who was a board of regent at unlv.

I wanted to write when I wrote  for the first time in 1998, I met people at this time who knew my friends in the 1970’s like at our copper cart and in may of 1998 this would be my last time to  see  my best friend bruce yates from 1972 and I spend special time with bruce in 1998 and I remeet my best friend bruce with friend mike smith in 1986 at our cooler lounge which is still here at e. lakemeade blvd and n.Decatur ave.

spending time with bruce  was always special  to me and still is.

and I write now that if I call bruce now with all the things I have opened up  as a writer I would just cry talking to bruce,  just like I told him on the phone in 2013 , I have a radio show about my life and I cried very hard talking to bruce and remembering our special time together as best friends starting in October in 1972 and ending in july of 1973, which was not true.

this is madam Vanessa signing off today

I have lots of stories to share with you.

thank you- madam vanessa


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