having lunch in 1972 with bartender , and my neighbor at our copper cart

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970′,s

I always say I have many stories of my life living in las vegas, first as a college student  studying psychology at unlv and living at our only dorm Tonopah, and on only women’s 6th floor of the dorm and  our student dining was at our bookstore at unlv, and when I was at our special collections libraby at james Dickinson libraby  in 1998, I asked for a photo of our student dining hall for the dorm and I was told there was no photos of this. I would like to research at our special collections, now for about our history of  our judy bailey theatre , since my boyfriend dan lee , was in our first play at this theatre in may of 1972, that w ould be fun to  find  this old  unlv student newspaper.

The ads from our panorama paper are from  the year 1970

this ad is a political ad and it is written retain james Kelly as our judge , in the north las vegas town ship, which includes   north las  vegas sunrise manor, east college and wherry precincts

In our panorama paper in the 1970  , steve miller who became our  assemblyman, later on in las vegas, had a column as a writer in this paper , his column was aware of the times

and I just zerox the ads I places  I would be at and maybe find a few people I knew then as  a hooker in 1972. I have  Xeroxed copies of the aware of the time, because I liked all our history of shopping and dining in  las vegas in 1972–1973, since I lived in las vegas for 2 years.

my good friend dino  from our la concha motel who was a hairdresser in the 1970’s, set me up on a blind date to meet the day bartender ron at our very  fancy and well known 1970’s restaurant and bar our copper cart, which was right next to our la concha motel and our el morocco motel and coffee shop, with a slot area , this was all next to our Riviera .

in 1998 I would see our copper cart with the big yellow booths and the old copper cart bar which was now a sushi bar. our la concha motel beauty salon where my friend dino worked was on the outside and looked old in 1998. these properties were owned by the doumanis  and our neon museum took  the la concha motel as their office maybe in 2000. I would like to see this at the neon museum and buy souvenirs saying la concha motel

and there has to be someone else in las vegas that has stories like me of our copper cart and the la concha motel now.

in 1972 I met bartender ron for lunch at our  copper cart. my  new friend ron was 24 years young , tall and had black hair.

when I met ron , we talked about where we both lived and we both lived in our little studios at our off campus apts at 777 naples by our jungle club.

ron knew I was dino’s girl  as a hooker,

my friend dino was very good to me , he gave my tel # to all his friends that I could party with for sex and money. I never had to sleep with dino or give a cut of  my dates. all dino wanted from  mewas  give his friends a  good time in bed and be nice to  his friends which I was then as a young woman being a callgirl in 1972-1973.

so when I met ron at the bar of the copper cart.  ron ordered me a coke to drink and  I had the best  monte cristo club sandwich ever and ron   treated  me to lunch.

and since we were neighbors  we  could become friends and maybe hangout with his other friends.

one nite on Saturday, iwent our with ron and his female friend that lived at our apts

we all had dinner together  at our clean downtown and not crowded then, and walked thru our smaller casinos then. which I always believe was safe then to walk around downtown with people at nite.

Our copper cart restaurant  was a well known place with very good food and know for good prime rib dinners.

here is another

cute ad from our panorama paper

rose bowl

las vegas newest and most modern  racebook,

with some old familiar faces, : Francis, Al. ted, tommy and mat. this photo , I guess is the men who worked at this small race book. in 1985 I saw many small sports books and I applied at this place I guess for a waitress job, that I  did not get then, it was meant for me to get hired at our dunes casino in  the summer of 1986, and I really loved my job at the dunes as  a cocktail server for 4 and years with all my great friend then.

I want to write about one more date with my neighbor  ron who was our bartender at our copper cart in 1972, 1973.

thank you , this is madam Vanessa signing off

this rose bowl ad also say wagering on all sporting events, 3203 s. las vegas blvd, on the strip between the desert inn and sands hotel


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