hello, las vegas and all over the world this is madam vanessa,

hello, las vegas and  people all over the world , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,  I open my heart as  writer and researcher and woman biographer of las vegas in the 1970’s.  I share my life and my experiences of living in las vegas ,

in the 1970’s as a hooker  also with a message  to help all women get off the street.

I started my life in las vegas, nv in august1971. living at unlv Tonopah hall dorm and I lived on an all women’s floor and I also studied psychology at unlv then.

come , walk back   to  the streets in  las vegas in the 1970’s, with me.

From our panorama  paper , that was delivered in the 1970’s for 52 weeks ,starting  at 6 dollars.

our ads I write from this paper re at our Maryland square where our special place wonderworld across from the  blvd mall by  Maryland pkwy and twain blvd.

at 3661 Maryland pkwy at our Maryland square shopping center. in the year 1970

we have a clothing store called t.nt.- the nu trend, unisex

custom leather, jakckets , skirts, belts, purses, our headbands , then and sashes, flair pants- mod body – jewelry in the paper there is a 10 per cent off coupon for purchase at this place, open 11am-til 9am

Also at this time we had another clothing store called , call it macaroni,, that had mod clothes and pants for men. this store  call it macaroni moved to our las vegas plaz shopping mall in 1973 across from our stardust.

about our Maryland square, this place was still triving from across the street from our blvd mall in the 1980’s with our wonderworld , that will be a payless soon, our bar the serene room is  still busy in the 1990’s our Shelley’s coin store is still here, our special deli sandwich called 300 sandwiches is still here and had great sandwiches, our al Philips the cleaner is here, we have nail salon, furniture stores, I want to remember our wonderworld in the 1980’s for a post office place, a place to buy makeup, slot machines and a junk food snak bar and a good size pharmacy.

in the 1990;s we have a nice used clothing place by our junior league, I want to remember we also a big man clothing store.

I just liked walking to our wonderworld and our blvd mall in the  year 1971-1973 on the weekends after classes at unlv. yes I still have my pretty jewelry box from wonder world, my checks with my 1970’s photo of me taken at our blvd mall , the checks are from our bank then first national bank,  on mayrland and twian , now the bank is wells fargo.

I also kept my 1970’s minor sheriff’s card. that was yellow with a finger print and stamped minor , that I misplaced as soon as I got back to las vegas , in 1985, oh well, I also still have an orange felt piggy bank from our special place called Woolworth’s from our blvd mall and a brass wedding ring I bought there in `1973 with my best friend madam dee then.

then I have  some pretty pink plates and other glassware from an antique store from boulder hi way , that I bought my boyfriend dan lee in 1973.

so I shared with all my special 1970’s madam Vanessa treaures from las vegas.

This weekend, I am trying to getting over my disappointment of not getting a writer’s grant thru our Nevada arts council , in the state of Nevada, I guess I was ineligible as a writer and I worked over  1o hours applying and writing for this grant on line and  I worked very hard writing my biography for over 2 years now. I still need funding to write my real life story on this blog and put a book together about my life living in las vegas, I really want to apply  again for another’s writer’s grant and get funding.

thank you, madam Vanessa,

I will share more stories about my life and walk back with  me to streets of las vegas, nv in the 1970’s

this is madam Vanessa, signing off.


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