a 1000 fine for soliticitation in las vegas, nv for propostiting a man for sex and money

hello this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I would like to share a very sincere message to help all of you, on the street.

I would like to share first our special panorama ads from my scrapbook.

Photo isle is here -free prizes, at Conoco car wash at sahara  and Maryland.

this ad is from the year 1970 and this car wash was here for some time in the 1980’s and  a busy place. there were not many  full service car washes on Maryland pkwy, I belive the one by Maryland and harmon  got built later.

another ad say erni marshall, panorama columnist and tv and radio personality gives his right hand and pledges support to james b. Kelly in mr Kelly’s race for the position of justice of the peace in north las vegas then in 1970.

the radio stations herein the 1970.’s  were  keno ,klav and we had a rock station then also, maybe komp. speaking of radio show , my past radio show was at sahara and  torrey pines and  I thought about my madam Vanessa radio show today and wanted to remember where I  parked my car , took an elevator upstairs to get our klav and vegas allnet radio and I wished I had one photo of beside outside , next to the door, but  oh well, that did not happen.

in our panorama  paper in 1970 erni marshall column, says muckraking places real issues

mr marshall is quoted- a real toss up between George franklin and roy woofter for district attorney, maybe in las vegas, the columnist then has written- both candidates for this post are a-1 in my book and  no further comment

I share with all of you today if you thinking about being a seller of sex in clark county in las vegas , nv today,

if you get arrested  as a hooker  by propostiting a man for sex and money,  you go to jail and pay a 1000 fine ,with the possibility of 6 months in jail and you need to pay a bail bonds man 150.00, to get out of jail.

and once arraigned in court you go in front of  judge, the district attorney and  you need your own legal counsel and last year thru my  business network, I met on judge who’s court you would be in if you got arrested and this judge has been in our court system for some time and goes by the book.

also if you get arrested you will get a misdeamor on your record, which might make it tough for you to get a job and when you arrested as a seller of sex for solitication , you get tested for hiv./aids and if you test postitive for hiv/ aids.

you go to jail as a felony and   also you are not healthy being hiv. positive.

I wrote  to help all of and  think about the consequences today of being a hooker.

thank you madam Vanessa

shelley Bristol

you support my cause as I share my experiences and my message by donating to my cause at  my website, www. gofundme.com/madam Vanessa

I hope I can   reach  one woman with my messages and my  true stories of being a hooker in las vegas in 1972-1973 and I say as madam Vanessa, saving one girl at  time.

this is madam Vanessa, signig off for today

something to special to alwaysto remember

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas  talk of the town 1970’s

my title of my book is hooker on a bicycle, a true story of 1970’s  las vegas callgirl,. by shelley Bristol,  my real biography of living in las vegas in the 1970’s as a hooker with messages to help all women to get off the street and out of the prostitution trade.

the reason , why I decided this to be my title of my book is for 3reasons,

the first is I saved up enough money to buy a blue azuki  ten speed bike, for 50.00, when I lived at our unlv only dorm, Tonopah hall in 1972, to travel around our campus and travel all over our city of las vegas then by ten speed bike,

the second reason is I  studied and took class with dr koettel , psychology 103 and I was supposed to write summaries of psychology articles and  in a journal for a good grade and I wrote the title of my book in this class and and wrote in a journal that  I turned in this class about my life as a hooker , so I got a  d in the class.

and the last reason I call my book hooker on a bicycle, is because in 1972,  I took a bike ride to get a job as snak bar cook to our ice capades chalet and my life changed once I met my boyfriend dan lee working there,  who lured into being a young prostitute, after I lost  my job , to support myself and live with him then also.

my life would totally change now. I dressed in tight clothes and wore cheap makeup and pumps as  young woman being a prostitute and  my life of dressing as a young college women in sweaters and jeans and carcoats and boots was over and so was my  goal of going to college once I became a seller of sex for sex and money. our ice capades chalet was in our commercial center in the 1970’s, in our san franciso square, on the Karen ,side of commericial center , now Nevada roller hockey center owned by nice man dan and his family

I shared with  you the 3 reasons why I call my book,

hooker on a bicycle, a true  story of a 1970’s lasvegas callgirl by shelley Bristol

thank you, madam Vanessa,

you can support my cause by donating funds to help me write and publish my book at gofundme.com/madamvanessa.

sincerely, shelley Bristol

now I close, that I starting writing my book about my life with messages on this  journal.

About a casino vp in the 1980’s

hello, this is madam Vanessa las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

From our panorama paper.

in 1970.  The voice and piano of  norma king are a delightful combination in the new royal las vegas, with the proper this intimate “singing  sword, lounge could become very popular with the locals. this was such a pretty place where Debbie Reynolds was and  a little bit of our roy al crest now, I would hang out at this lounge with madam dee in 1973, at nite and there was music to listen to.  this place was not so crowded on the weeknites that dee and I visited. we had some success for guys to buy us drinks there.

this place had a very big  coffee shop and this place was still here in 1985.

in 1970 sonny and cher  our at our flamingo hotel and these great sing ing duo is still playing here at the Riviera , I, think in 1973, I liked their big hit in the 1960’s, I got you  babe.

this coupon says – present when  registering on the strip- 1/2 block north of sahara hotel

heated pool -t.v and telephone in every room.

rooms – 7.00- 2211  las vegas blvd. south, bagdad inn ,colonial house, 3231 las vegas blvd south.

this place colonial house was here still in 1998, I thought by convention center road.  I was a maid here in may of 1972 for a few days and I bicycled here a few days. this was too hard work for me being a maid then

the price with a coupon for both these little motels then was 7,00 a day, and 2.00  more on the weekend and one more guest paid 2,00 in 1970.

A vice president of the dunes casino in the 1980’s and at another gone casino, shared with these true stories, one year  ago, when this business  mentor , helped  me write a marketing proposal for  my past radio show.

In the 1980’s .   a hooker could make  maybe 300.00 dollars with a male client to spend the whole nite with a man as a prostitute at a strip hotel.

in the end of 1990’s I was told a seller of  sex could make only 100.00 spending the nite with a man in a hotel room. the price  for a hooker went down now.

this nice casino vp in the 1990’s told me he would let the hookers hangout in the hotel lobby and not bother them until the president of the casino came into the hotel and then he asked the prostitutes that were too leave and I thought this was nice that the ladies of the evening were left alone at one strip casino and there were a lot of women there trying to make money from customers staying in this hotel on our las vegas strip

shelley Bristol

you can support to help all women get off the  street by  going to my website. http://www.go fund me.com

thank you , madamvanessa

in the 1970’s a bellman in las vegas .nv in our strip hotels then

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, earlier today I was writing and sharing with you in the  1970’s of las vegas if women wanted to be prostitutes to make money with selling their bodies, they would have to know the right person to have a bellman, a bartender, a cab driver and a floor person get them sex dates with men staying in a hotel. please I say to all of these male employees using you as hooker just want  a cut of  your date and they will replace you for another hooker  for  many reasons, like someone younger, someone’s friend.

also I wanted to repeat that you could go on your own in the 1970;s or call a bellman  to meet him and tell him you want to work for as a hooker and then he might call you later to meet  in a hotel room and you have sex with because you belive  all his lies to get  you sexdates for  lots of money, and all that happened you were used sexually by  a man  who worked in a hotel then.  I let this happen to  me once , which did not feel so great ever, that I donot  forget.

Later on I would here how some limo drivers in our city have  prostitutes for their male clients and sometimes the client and the seller of sex woman have sex in the limo.

when I was a cocktail server at our special dunes casino, I knew the bartender , pimping his girls and taking  his cut and one nite this older bartender got arrested taking his cut, went to jail that nite , knew the right person and was at work the next nite, this bartender pimped girls a long time, at this casino.

Also at the dunes our bartenders let the prostitutes pick up men at the bars, which I guess is allowed in the 1980’s, I wondered how these woman survived there every nite with vice cops and security and we would all watch men pick up the working ladies of the evening. one  them one nite asked me if would like to be in a 3 some late at nite and I said no, I just didn’t want to  be used, beat up, ripped  off, or get v.d from a hooker and her client , besides  loose my job.

this was in 1986.

One story I was  told in the 1980’s that  a floo rperson use to get an older woman  100.00 dates for some time and  by the time she paid a few dates arrangers at the pit she mad 10 or 20.00 and I said when I heard this story.

I thought it  was no worth the risk ,I would leave the street for  10.00 as a hooker.

for me I at least made 20- 40 dollars in 1972 with local men that wanted to be with a young woman like myself

remember a bellman,  a cab driver,  a bartender or a limo driver, just use for a profit for themselves and keep a male customer happy at the hotel,

to me I thought all bellman were mean in the 1970’s is my experience.

and I wanted to write again it  feels very more than lousy for a bellman , cab driver that you screw that used  for his own selfish purpose.

thank you, madam Vanessa

shelley Bristol

this is  madam Vanessa, signing off now

a meaninful message from madam vanessa

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town , 1970’s

I share today our special ads from our panorama.

Gary grande , bridges the generation grand gap with the  Al leonard orchestra opens sunday nite at our international hotel on paradise road, which was our Hilton hotle then, our Hilton hotel was very pretty then this place seemed so big then, the gary grande show at the international in 1970, is spiced by four loves, topless darlings,  show girls, the dance showtimes, 11p.m and 1, am.

When in north vegas make the gay 90’s a must.You will see the world famous sex change – Jennifer fox and other  outstanding outgoing exotic dancers and go go girls

our circus circus , hotle has the lowest winter rates for 8.80 thru now to may 25, 1971, this is a midweek special  only 204 rooms, that have new rooms , double bed ,free tv,, 10.90 for two people. over 800 rooms and suites , 2.00 extra. this hotel very pretty I n 1972 ,that I see as  hooker , having dates for clients thru our bellman a few times  and to get to a bellman to have sex dates with men staying in the hotel you had to know someone, otherwise you  could find a bellman then tell him you want to have clients and all the bellman is going to do with you trying to be a hooker is screw you and and use  and tell he will call you for work as a prostitute ,which wlll never happened, you just got used, this happened to me once at our Hilton hotel with a bellman named frank, I was so naïve then and my boyfriend dan drove to this  place to meet bellman frank, who was tall and handsome and I slept with him and when  my boyfriend dan picked me up, I told  dan what had happened , that the bellman used for a screw wit h no promise, my boyfriend dan pushed out our moving car on traffic on paradise road, I could have been killed , being pushed out of a car with lots of traffic on this  road, and dan got me back in the car.

at this time I had just started being a hooker. I wanted to share another bellman story. this one is at our four queens, the head bell captain called , who my  phone number from officer rock road.

the offer from this bellman was to have my own room at the four queens and  the bellman at nite would send customers  who wanted to have sex with a hooker right to my room. I thought about this this was dangerous and I could get beat up and arrested as prostitute in 1972and I asked the bellman if I could come to a man’s hotel room at this hotel the four queens and the bellman said it would take to long, so then I said I will just have my phone and my bed in my small studio to service my sex dates and I never heard from the bell captain from the four queens  again,

I survived being a callgirl with referals of men living in las vegas , that wanted to be a young hooker for a sex date,

about a bellman in a hotel , the  sex date  with a man in his  hotel room is 50-100 dollars.

you have to give the bellman his 40 per cent and if you want to rip off the bellman, you won’t work in his hotel, I was told if you ripped off a bellman , he could set you up to get arrested by a vice cop as a prostitute, then

a bellman will time you when your in cutomer’s room screwing  a man for sex an money and you better finish the man off in 30 minutes ,because when you come down to the bell desk, and your late the bellman wil be mad at you, which happened to me at circus and these bellman , donot care about you , they are there to cater to a man’s need and to make the man  happy., which is the way it was in the 1970’s.

a bellman in a hotel ,pimping women in the 1970’s to men  staying in a hotel were known to get you maybe arrested as a hooker  and get you beaten up, besides you can get v.d by having un protected sex.

I thought to myself  and with officer rocky road  advice, I was safer to have sex clients that were men for 25.00 to 40.00 was a safe fee to see local men who lived in las vegas, who came to my apt to be sexually serviced or go to their home, then,

a bellman at this time if your date  was50.00 you money was 30.00 and this was not worth your gas and all the risks you took of getting arrested as a hooker, and being beaten up for a man ‘s sexual kicks.

you can support my cause  by going to my website, www. gofundme/madamvanessa

thank you for reading my journal today

shelley Bristol

this is madamvanessa signing off for today

in 1972 i left our unlv dorm in las vegas ,nv

What I wrote about today was written almost 2years when I started writing my special scripts for my madam Vanessa radio show and talking about giving up my dream of obtaining a bachelor’s degree at unlv is 1972, is never forgotten, and I wanted to donate my writing originally to our women’s archives at unlv special collections to make a contribution, but now my special memories of my life living in las vegas in the 1970’s are in a closed writer’s file at our Nevada state museum, which is very special to me as a biographer.
thank you , shelley bristol

Welcome to Madam Vanessa LV.

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s.

In1972 I left  our college university at unlv and my dorm room on the 6th floor at our only dorm, Tonopah hall to  open up a business in selling sex with in a small studio apt with a bed and a phone. I became a prostitute.

The lure of the street stole my original dream of  obtaining  a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  After entering the world of prostitution , I knew I would never get back to my dream of being a psychologist. I was so emotionally damaged that is taken me about 26 years to once again to dream of attending college. in 1999 I proudly went back to college at our cs of Nevada at w. Charleston blvd.   I obtained a pell grant to attend college as a disabled and older student with a note -taker…

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