For a young man named paul, my tutor for a very hard english class 102 at college in 2005

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s, I also have  website to help  raise funds to support my cause to help all women off the street and out of the prostitution trade, and write my real life story into a book now, this website is

thank you madam Vanessa,

here are our 1970 gossip paper ads from the panorama paper from my scrapbook of these Xeroxed ads.

We have royal ballet school in 1970,

mme . anna louise, director

beginners and professionals , ages 5 to adult

4643 paradise, next to gelo’s in our paradise road and Tropicana rd,

this place was gone in 1985 and I guess gelo’s lounge known for good Chinese food and a cab drivers place became our  angles bar in the 1990’s, now another pretty night club

another ad from our panorama  paper

is Sir knight

exclusive men’s formal wear and sale  and rental at 1616s. las vegas blvd, maybe this  is around e. Charleston blvd and the lv strip then.

another ad says it pays to advertise in the new panorama,.

I say as madam Vanessa in 1972  I taking English 102 with dr geuder at unlv, two weeks before the class ends ,this instructor gave me all my hard written f’s on all my paper and there nothing I can do to save my grade as a f, this really hurt me so much and at this time I worked so hard on the final paper in this class  and I wanted to write , iam with my boyfriend dan lee the  and  my boyfriend  in may of 1972, when our summer session ended my  boyfriend dan lee and a woman named Christine had the leading roles in the first play at our judy bailey thearte, which was just built  in jan of 1972, which was a lovely  place to see plays. of course I saw my boyfriend in this play and was backstage to meet the cast, I am going to search now for a photo of this maybe in unlv school paper in 1972 at our special collections libraby at unlv, now, I would like to find this information or if there is a photo of dan and Christine at our judy bailey theatre.

as I write this story about this F in English 102 in may of 1972, no I am a hooker yet.

I donot forget how much this bad grade in this class emotionally hurt me

and now that I write this in my  autobiography, I really remember in 1974, I re -took this class, at la valley college in a summer class  and got a c in this class and I forgot this till now.

in 2005, I have to take this class in las vegas, at csn  and I have to get a b for my substitute teacher license renewal ,

I always  remembered how I failed this class at unlv in 1972 at 18 1/2 years young

and I was so scared to take this class  and I have to have a notetaker for this class and a tutor, to get a good grade and I am on  pell grant and scholarship at csn now.

so my neighbor , her name  is chia is my notetaker and also in this class you can go to our small libraby at csn and watch video’s of the stories we right about  this class, I think I watched the Shakespeare play Othello video for this class, also , which was a great movie to watch then.

a young man  who name is paul is my tutor for this class. I think  paul my tutor for my english102 at csn is 23 years young and studying English literature at unlv.

also for this class I had to do a term paper  on  nefferti from  ancient Egypt, which was not easy to research and write about for a good paper with a good grade.

Every week for the semester, paul would tutor me with the paper I  had to write essays on stories we read from our textbook in this class. I had  do all my  own writing with my tutor and then  paul , my tutor would help me.

I worked very hard with my tutor for at least 12 weeks to get my good grade in English 102, which was an A-, and this all me made feel so much better that I finally passed English 102,about 32 years later and paul, my tutor was so proud of me , which really mattered to me,

the very nice teacher  for this class, her name was carol and she taught at our rancho hi school, English.

so I wrote this short story to remember that I passed my English 102 class with an A-, proudly,

and I could renew my substitute teacher license in clark county for five years.

and I also write , I always want to remember my good tutor paul at csn in 2005 and all his help and of course my neighbor chia for all her good notes in this class to help me.

so I write to paul and I hope this young man got his degree at unlv and is always special to me.

thank you for reading my story today.

and I write to all of you never give up if you get a bad grade in a class, realize to drop this class your struggling in and give yourself a second chance to take this class over and do not

be so hard on yourself, like I was the first time as a young college woman.




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