I want to always remeber my special friend madam dee dee in 1972-1973 part one

hello las vegas and all over the world, this is  madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town,1970’s

today I want to write my last story I journal before I start my  life story of living in las vegas  , nv as   young woman in 1971 at 17 years young starting college at unlv in las vegas , nv 1971.

you can support my cause to help me publish my book at . http://www.gofundme.com/MadamVanessa

I share with all of you today. as I write my memories in my 1970’s book, I will not share any more panorama paper ads, which sounds so different to me and move onward as a writer and researcher of the 1970’s of las vegas.

our panorama ads  today are

mister wig is the attraction at Bernadine’s  in our special commercial center at this wig salon, a lounge entertainer from Kansas City, mr marek who graciously modeld this wig at this store for a hip night. I have no idea where this was in our commercial center in the 1970’s  and  no one ever told me about this place and I guess in 1985 this place is gone in our commericial center.

our next ad is Big Girls can get that chic look at ladyMardens’. billie ruth Wallace and Nadine are ready to show you the side selection of large sizes carried at this complete women’s store and I say where was this store also.

and I say now always for myfriend madam dee and our special times together, in December of 1972- april of 1973.  I share , madam dee is the only person I really think about on my way to get my self  back our  city of las vegas  in the 1980’s.

I knew when I came back to las  vegas to live  here in 1985, I knew my friend dee was gone and went to heaven with a speed over dose, is my gut feeling about her before being 40 years young  and as a hooker, in las vegas she would make  money  in this profession , leave and come back and my friend  dee as good as she was to me, she was a hard person,

she lived with her boyfriend jimmy in a small one bed apt on sierra vista by Maryland and twain in las vegas, so I would walk around this area  in 1985 searching for her place and wondering about her, but I knew in my heart my friend  was gone.

I  will share more about my friendship with my friend dee , also a woman like me  , making our living  by selling our bodies  to men for sex  and money.

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today.


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