always for dee part 2 by madam vanessa.

Hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

I say I share  in my writing today with madam dee and

and I write now in  july of 2015, like idid in april of 1998. ” I proudly go to call girl heaven.

At the end of the year of 1972 I would out on a date as a 19year old prostitute with a good looking man , he was dressed . maybe in his 40’s  with black hair and thick glasses.

this nice man picked me up at my apt and we agreed on 40.00 for this date

and he wanted to give me my money for my  time  at my apt.

so I put my money in my purse and this tall guy and me left my apt  and we got into his big  car.

he drove us to our villa de este bar , which is now our pierro’s bar.  I remember this place with a big parking lot and sherry’s liquor store and there was  our landmark  casino hotel.

I would remember this big parking lot on convention center in 1985 and look for this bar and probably forget I was  villa de este bar,  and I thought to myself  I was at our paddle wheel in 1972, which never made any sense to me and when I photographed this place last year as the clarion, I tried to remember everything I could about our royal hotel and our villa de este bar. by the  way I did call piero’s 2x times to talk to them about their history and trying to dine there in 2014, first  I need a date and this place too pricey to go by myself there, oh well.

any ways back to my date in 1972, we drove down to convention center drive and parked in the big open parking lot and walked up the stairs to this big busy bar that  was crowded with people and my date introduced to bartender mike and told him bartender mike I was young nice hooker, and  I gave bartender mike my tel# and then my date and I ordered our drinks and I always drank a kahula milk, drink then at bars in  las vegas. this bar was the prettiest and biggest bar I saw in  las vegas in 1972.

I will continue this story later on this week.

this is madam Vanessa

signing off today


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