my realing feelings about my losing my radio show that was cancelled

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town.,

I guess I accomplished writing and directing my own radio show for 75 shows on vegas allnet .com  radio in  las vegas, when my radio show got cancelled around the time  for me to remember my 30  years of living in las vegas and I was downtown, remembering and photograph all these special places to me 30 years ago, that  I had not seen for 15 years probably,

the person I spoke to and saw every week for  about 77 weeks was our account exexcutive, who would not be nice or return my call when my show was cancelled.

our operations manager , told my friends  on the phone I still had a radio show after the show was cancelled and I have no idea who kept advertising my show many weeks after my radio show was gone on the the radio website, which , was in my view very cruel.

and  an assistant web , tech, always  in my view had no respect for me and my writing and told me  to create stories about my life that never happened with violence, which I consider explotatitive. then  vegas all net radio got  a new owner , that I could trust that  I met in person but on facebook  I asked   this person a simple question and this man in my view was bullying and harassing about something  that there was no proof of , so I contacted a legal service in las vegas, to help me out. if I need  this legal service

so I w anted to share I loved writing and having my radio show and I had hope  my wonderful radio show  would end when it was meant to end, like this show would cost prohibitive or I could not get a sponsor , which is hard for everyone  on a radio show,

and sadly there is nothing for me to write about this  experience but to press on and write a book. I wanted to end at one business network group at  palace  station another woman who owns business connections of Nevada and has a radio show, said in front her  radio crew  I am nauseating,  for no reason, at,all , which hurt my  feelings and was so unprofessional.

I should have called the hotel hosting this  business network group and filed a complaint  against business connections of Nevada, but my feeling were hurt too much.then

here are our special ads from the  panorama ads

“photo isle is coming to las vegas soon at Johnson Bros,

Conoco Car Care,

Sahara and Maryland,

this  must have been here in the early 1970’s, this is where I bought my bike in 1972 and across from our commercial center,

when I came back to las vegas in 1985, I remember a meat market , there also in the 1970’s and  I notice a nice bar and café there, that is still there now.

we had an athletic store there in the 1980’s and a cleaner’s further down the road and another restaurant., that is still there.

Store keeper- tom Vet – displays his wares to summer winds, drummer  jack toker, jr, Vive les girls”, trumpeter , Bryon lingfelter and his wife Gloria as they visit our special mr b’ bag for men at the corner of 5th and fremont , which I got  to shop many times with my boyfriend dan  in 1972 and  I was told this place went out of business in 1982. mr b’s bag and mrs b- bag for women , these stores right next  to each other had great 1970’s clothing but a little pricey then.

I really thought in the 1990’s of downtown las vegas by lv blvd and fremont , there were some clothing stores by a parking lot, and  this spring I remember the parking lot which is open with 3 levels ,but there was no clothing stores  and I wondered if those stores were there ever.

in our  PaNORAMA paper we had  a column called fashion and you written by gywn tillford

and she is quoted,  a new day has  dawned for fur trimmed coats, a glamorous attention getter is the wool knit coat bordered with red fox.

and she closes with her  writer’s column

which says  join me for a movie on sunday evening at 11:00 for the showboat movie on channel tv 5, kvvu, and ends with bye for now

I will continue to share my real life story of being with madam dee in 1972-1973 in las vegas  , as  a prostitute in las vegas , then

you can support my cause to help  women get off the street and make a contribution to help my sincere efforts

at my website, Vanessa.

thank you , madam Vanessa

this is madam Vanessa signing off for today


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