bartender mike in 1972 from our las vegas bar

hello this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

you  can support my cause that I am sincerely dedicated with sharing my experiences of being a reformed hooker to help women get out of the prostitution trade.  And I say  as madam Vanessa, saving one girl at a time,  I am here to help all of you.

go to my website, www.

Here are our special 1970 ads from our  las vegas gossip paper, our panorama

Blue acid, head shop for beauty, a complete beauty salon, now at 1231 e. Charleston,

in the 1970 this must be by Maryland and Charleston,  maybe by a t gand y discount store, on the other side would be the associates , a loan place then and maybe the bar I apply at  2 times in 1985 and  also we  have a 76 gas station, now we have a saver’s store there  .

the next ad I have for is peace and welcome is the greeting from Erika and tony owners of the gypsy Viking , a chic and unique clothing boutique. I never saw this place in las vegas in the 1970’s. another ad   says peace and love are advocated by billie hamamura as she models an  original leather outfit tailored at the  blue acid, a new and exciting clothing shop, where was this place in las vegas in the 1970’s.

Yesterday , I started to share with my writng, about meeting my best friend  in 972, madam dee, who was 32 years young and really had 4 children  ,being raised by her mom, and I guess madam dee was a prostitute to feed her  family and would go home to see her kids.

as re write this true story of my life with  my best friend dee in 1972 -1973, this is not easy for me to write.

yesterday I wrote my handsome date and I arrived at our villa de este bar on convention center , in December of 1972.  We walked up the stairs and enter this big busy bar with only  one good looking bartender and many people in this bar . my date is wearing a striped suit with lots of black hair and glasses and in his forties.

this nice man introduced  to me to bartender mike as a hooker.

my date  told me to give my tel# to mike the bartender , here for dates with money with men who came to the bar.

then my date and  sat at the bar and ordered our drinks and I always drank a coke or kahula and milk when ever I went out into a bar in las vegas then, so everyone would believe that I was 21 years young and not  a minor. I never slept with this date, this good looking man.

but mike the bartender at our villa de este bar, called me one nite to take care of him sexually , to get dates, so naïve as I was I slept with bartender mike, this guy was tall and handsome and a good lover to please a woman. and he never got me any dates to party with for sex and money.

so I just wrote now , how men could use me  sexually to lie to get me sex dates for money,

and if you want to  be a prostitute , you will always meet men telling they will get you sex dates to make money, but they just want to screw you for free. I say as madam Vanessa, this is something to think about.

so my date and I had our drinks and , my new friend dee had to be sitting alone by herself with a drink and my date for the nite introduced me to dee

and dee and I  both knew we are hookers  out for the evening trying to make money by selling our bodies to guy for sex and money.

dee and  exchanged phone numbers together, iguess I was finally glad to meet another  prostitute, I could become friends with and  have someone to spend time in the daytime and not be so alone, is what a hooker’s life  was for me. I could also talk to dee , about  my hard and strong life and making money as a hooker, which felt pretty good to me then.

my friend  dee lived in older  small apt with her boyfriend jimmy, who was a cook at  hotel in 1972 and  I knew jimmy liked me to  look at me to sleep with.

dee liked me coming to her apt in the daytime to feed me lunch and for me to relax at her apt.

when I write this true story of my life, I wish I could have re- met my friend dee in 1985 12 years later , but I knew my friend dee was not here and left las vegas a long time ago and was in heaven , for using the drug speed. I  inwardly knew dee and her man jim were speed users then in the 1970’s.

this is madam Vanessa signing off.

thank you, madam vanessa

all the  women I met in las vegas in 1972 as a seller of sex , donot want to be friends with you if you are a prostitute, that is just the way things are then.

so my friend dee and could  go out together now to lounges and hotel lounges to meet men to buy us drinks and party with.


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