our 1972 hairstylist in las vegas on the las vegas strip

hello , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s,

Come walk back to streets of las vegas ,nv,in the 1970’s as a 18year old hooker in 1972

I say  I hang around a very nice date arranger, named dino, our hair stylist at our beauty salon, at our la concha motel and my friend dino, in 1972 introduced to bartender Ron. who worked  at the copper cart restaurant , right next to the motel, one afternoon I met ron at our copper cart restaurant , right next to our Riviera hotel, we had a great lunch, together   I had the best monte cristo sandwich with French fries and a coke to drink. then bartender ron and I found out we were neighbors , so we became friends , till I  left las vegas in  may of 1973.

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Here are  our  special ads from our panorama paper

It says this ad– even dummies, look well in the formal wear sold or rented at sir knight an exclusive formal wear shop

the next ad is attention ladies- dress sizes 16-52, Nancy Austin, comedy star and tv has a boutique- full of fabulous fashions designed especially for you. stop in today- one of kind fashions. nancy Austin originals, 1111 -f las vegas blvd so, open Mondays thru sat 10-6. iguess this about  LAS VEGAS BLVD before e, Charleston rd.

from our fshions and you  by gwyn tillford

she is quoted we’ll be seeing a lot of gaucho tops this season over pants which has certainly  a look of its own.

I wanted to write about   spending time with madam dee in  1973, I use to drive over with my car  , which a green 1969. fastback then to dee apt.

mADAM  DEE,  would always fix me lunch when ivisited her at her  small apt on sierra vista. she liked to make us tuna sandwiches for lunch, that is what I remember about her , always  feeding me lunch. Sometimes dee and I walked from her apt to our Maryland square and walked thru our wonder world, store that had cute clothes and shoes. one time dee and I were at wonder world and I tried on a very cute maxi dress with a tie, in a pretty purple color, I am sure this dress was under 15.00 that I bought.

Dee and I use to hang out at nite at our royal lounge and get guys to buy us drinks , then , this place  had a band  with good music. this was a little lounge  next to our villa de este bar.

the royal hotel, did not look like it changed one bit when I came back to las vegas in 19985, now our pretty Barrymore ,  with a bar and nice restaurant is there now.

I will share with a few more stories with madam dee.

thank you,

this is  madam Vanessa signing off today.


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