another writing from madam vanessa.

hello , las vegas and all over the world , this is madam vanesssa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s. please support my cause and all my hard work to get women off the street at www. Vanessa.

today  is  share these cute ads from our panorama ads, our 1970’s gossip paper in  las vegas, nv

The ad say- Hacienda hotel , welcomes deer hunters. free drink, free hunters vest,

25 acres free parking, for jeeps, trailers, etc.- oct 10- nov 9

another ad is escorts inc, legally licensed, for dining , dancing shows for the discriminating male or female tourist or conventioneer, I hope everyone knows an escort is a hooker with  a pimp  for the business owner to selfish profit with a woman dating a man for sex and money and in 1985 we have more services of this kind with a  sheriff card and I was told by one escort service in our commercial center, I could make lots of money in this  year by being with couples, so I get  used as an escort  for sex and get sick with v;d, then also and also have a work permit , which is a sheriff’s card and we still have escorts services today in  las vegas with a 50 per cent split with the agent and the escort date., oh well

I  wish to write about  a little more about my friendship about my best friend  madam dee, we were friends for about 6months in 1973.

I really want to remember all the times I go visit madam dee at her small apt, and then we walked in the early windy morning  to our special place called huey’s bar and sit in the bar, that have food and  tables and bar stools to sit at.

dee and I  sit at the tables and talked to cute blonde  bartender and we always order d hot buttered tum toddy’s.what a great drink.

also madam dee and I use to load up our quarters in the  juke box and play our favorite song , killing me softy by Roberta flack in 1973 and sing this pretty song together. that is my fondest memory of my friend dee.

about our huey’s this  place was known for great hamburgers, I would see this fun place in 1985 and everytime there was an ad for this place as a food waitress, I ‘d apply there thru 1985-1990 and no this place never changed with old red tables,

this place is now our champagne cocktail, that I like to  go visit in the daytime  and is by Maryland and twain across from our blvd mall.

thank you madam Vanessa,

this is madam Vanessa, signing off today


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