coupon o- rama -goodie page , 1970’s las vegas ,nv

hello , this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

today I share with you from our panorama paper our goodie page of  ads in the year , 1970 in las vegas,nv

this first say  FREE PIZZA,  HE delivers, free half gallon of cola with I large  or medium pizza , special good with coupon and when mentioned on the phone the address is 4813 paradise road and 2333. e bonanza, pissa is deleivered to your door in portable oven with no delivery charge

valuable coupon – free 100 bonus stamps blue chip stmps or s$h green stamps with gasoline fill- up – min- 12 gallon

bauer’s- stardust Texaco across from the stardust motel open 24 hours.

another ad- all free plus 4.00 discounts, sun- thru -Thursday only , present coupon when registering, and bring this ad to the minute  man motel , in the heart of the strip between our Tropicana and Aladdin hotels- your free bonus available 7days a week.

I was sharing about all my special times with madam dee,  on Saturday afternoon in 1973 dee and I went to our new union plaza  casino and listened and drank cocktails to a live music show over the bar. I enjoyed visiting this pretty place  for the first time and I always liked our small , quiet  and clean downtown then.

I also liked going shopping  at our blvd mall with dee in the daytime. one time dee and I bought brass wedding rings at our Woolworth’s for 3.00 ,so we thought we could sit in our small lounges  in our las vegas and men would leave us alone wearing our  wedding rings, which did not work. I kept this ring I bought with my friend dee a long time to always remember , my good friend dee in 1973. I say as madam Vanessa, yes our friendship ended in april in 1973.

so I missed my friendship with dee now and when I came back to las vegas,  in 1985, I talked about madam dee, to my best friend Richard   then and I also drove on sierra vista , where madam dee lived to remember her . I went into our huey’s bar to remember her, since I knew inwardly, dee did not have a long life as a hooker with a  drug habit.

and now as I write my book , I always think about dee , when I visit our huey’s now champagne cocktail and think about being with her and drinking hot buttered rum and singing our 1973 song killing me softly from the jukebox.

one day soon I hope to visit our champage cocktail bar in the daytime and remember all my memories of being in this cute place in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

you can support my cause to help women have positive and constructive lives, by donate at Vanessa

thank you, madam Vanessa

so I say to all of you today. do you want to be a prostitute for all the sex and money,

what are the risks  you take, you can get ripped and not paid by a client , that you slept with, there are plenty of men  that will ask you to sleep with for no money and promise you sex dates and lie to you.

if you do not use protection as  a hooker you can get very sick with v.d and I know men will tell you they are clean and pay you more money not to use protection, which is not true and from my own experience condoms do break or roll- off with sex.

a client can beat you  up badly for sexual kicks, just like a pimp can beat you for not making enough money as a prostitute. I was told some pimps take all your money you make as a seller of sex and just buy you clothes or maybe just feed you,

I shared many risks you take with your life being a prostitute, besides getting arrested and going to jail for maybe 6 months for soliticitation in clark county in las vegas.

I have many messages to share with to have a positive and constructive and not make the mistakes I made as a 18 year old hooker in las vegas, nv in 1972,

I want to close with there is always a way out , to get out of this rought lifestyle, if you want this and there always hope to get back on the right path of life.

I may share my last stories I wrote for  my radio show that  was cancelled with no kindess in my view and then I will journal on my website my book that I am writing now.

thank you, madamvanessa

this is madam Vanessa signing off today.


One thought on “coupon o- rama -goodie page , 1970’s las vegas ,nv

  1. what I wrote was a message to share with women that there is always a way out of being a prostitute , if you want to leave this life and to have hope always to get back on the right path of life. I dedicate my writing to helping all women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade. thank you, madam vanessa


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