my special message from madam vanessa

hello, las vegas and all over the world this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town 1970’s. I open my heart to you as 1970’s writer, researcher and  biographer and I would like to share my experiences and stories of living in las vegas.

I lived in 1971 in las vegas, nv at our only dorm at unlv , called Tonopah hall on our 6th floor, our women’s floor then.

I studied psychology at unlv  in the year 1971, come  walk back to the streets with me as a young college women , lured into the street as a young prostitute by my boyfriend dan lee in 1972, who I meet at our ice capade chalet, in our san franciso square in our revitalized commercial center, when our with our special place wonderworld was thriving and our downtown las vegas was pretty and clean and lots of fun to visitthen .  and the best   cocktail lounge was our huey’s with great burgers and great drinks on Maryland pkwy and twain.

our copper cart restaurant , where my friends ron ,steve and carlos worked here in 1972, had the best monte cristo sandwich, with French fries on the strip and a few months later I attend with my  neighbor ron and his date our grand opening of our peppermill lounge, that is still our prettiest lounge today on our las vegas strip.

my message I share with all of you today, that there is always a way out of leaving a prostitute life, a hooker’s lifestyle has many risks, like getting so sick from having multiple  sex partners and condoms today can still break and pop and fall off during sex and today you can die from v.d, you also can get beaten up badly by being a seller of sex, going to jail ,and having an arrest record.  a man can throw out naked on the street and rip you off for not pleasing  him sexually.

I also share today there is always hope to get  on the right path of life and have a better life not being a hooker.

thank you, madam Vanessa

you can support my cause to help women get off the street and out of the prostitution trade,

by going  to Vanessa.

this is madam Vanessa signing off

for today


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