my most meaningful message from me, madam vanessa

hello, this is madam Vanessa, las vegas talk of the town, 1970’s. I share  today my special message to all of you and I would have really liked reading this message  to all of you to hear my voice , to sincerely help all of you on the street on my  madam Vanessa radio show, but sadly my radio show was  cancelled with no  kindess to me in my view.

I  would like to share  our panorama paper 1970’s ads . like I like to share with you.

this ad says lovely songtress, connie francis who’s records have been hits in more than eight countires sings her songs to our landmark audiences, connie and her special guests stars dany davis and the nashvill brass will be at the landmark thru novemeber 4, 1970

another ad is showgirl contestant, shirely allen is being measured by globe health spa instructressAnn Meek to make sure her statistics comply with the regulations of the mis  show gril. international pageant .1971

Oct 29 , 1971, is the date for the spectacular scheduled for national tv syndication via video tape.

Here is my very important message, that will be in my book, I am writing

there is a meaning to message by shelley Bristol

aka, madam Vanessa las vegas talk of the town 1970’s

being an 18 year old callgirl and being lured  by my boyfriend dan lee in 1972 in las vegas, nv , then was never a  glamorous life. I took  my life path down a different path, that took my heart and soul and all my purposes in life and this took me a long time to get my heart and soul back. when I came to las vegas , nv, to go to college at unlv. I had goals and purposes ,then. I destroyed these special goal of getting a bachelor’s of psychology at unlv by becoming a young woman selling her body to men for sex and money, in 1972. I  am very lucky I got all my strength, goals and purposes back with a very special good friend named Richard in 1982. my friend would mentor me to stop me from feeling so embarrassed about my life in las vegas in the 1970’s, I had nothing to ever feel embarrassed about being a hooker ,since I was always honest and very straightforward,to who I was to everyone, I dated for sex and money. my best friend Richard helped me to feel it would be okay to live in las vegas  again. I decided to come back to las vegas in march of 1985  and teach myself I can live here and  respect myself by living in las vegas and care about my self always,  and also have special goals,that I always remember  when I first live in las vegas again in 1985.

I say to all of you there is  always a way out of this risky life of being a prostitute, if you want that. and there is also hope always to  get back  on the right path of life.

thank you- madam Vanessa

shelley Bristol.

I appreciate all of you reading my blog today


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